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Life sucks sometimes

It's saturday


Good morning and happy weekend, y'all!

new review


halloween approaching...

keep your eyes open

crazy again


Lions and tigers and scorpions OH MY!!

Here goes...

Come on folks!!!

Here Goes our first Giveaway...nope its not quite like a contest:

We have our winner!

a hint...

Here It Is, Folks:

coming attractions!!!

rest in peace

simply awful product

hmmm whats that song called..."windy"

question for all my readers

Interesting combo of flavours

what do you think?

sorry folks

I'm back...

as i promised...

It's getting close

another day


A new quick family favourite

A very unique cookie...will keep them coming back for more

Please bear with me...

just another day

Put a little spice in your life!

double duty post

.Physician's Formula shimmer strips

review of Kiehl's ACAI Damage Correcting Moisturizer

review of bodycology's new hand sanitizer

Life and spring break

Looking for a great tea?

A not so unique experience

This is tried and true and a fantastic recipe


Will You give this to my Daddy?

Pumpkin mac and cheese

Artsy Fartsy Stuff