Please bear with me...

I have some new recipes for you all that i will be posting tomorrow, and i have some product reviews that i will be posting, but have been doing major housework and the back is hurting real bad right now, too much to sit here much longer...if I feel better I will post the reviews and recipes tonight, if not it will be first thing in the morning...I promise...I'm sorry for not being much of a host, maybe I will get better at it once i see the rheumatologist and they put me on some new treatment can only get better, right?  And so far I have only heard from two of about some comments or ideas ?  I'm doing this blog for all of you....if you have a business and you would like me to review a product of yours, please send it my way and i will happily do so, and yes, i have done this for several people so far, and i have sent lots of new business to these companies.  I am very convincing.  I dont turn anything down, and if you are real nice (lol) I might even let you advertise on my coverpage!  Im sure we can work a deal....I dont mind giving out a little advertising to the best companies out there!  Especially the little known ones who really need the help getting a push in the right direction!

Talk at ya soon!


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