Thursday, January 10, 2013

I received two Bic 4 colour pens from Smiley360...all I can say is WOW...I use the pen for volunteering at school grading papers and tests and various other projects, which made the teachers extremely happy since now I have more than one colour to grade with and I also do artwork for a tattoo parlour and having this pen really makes a difference in showing what a tattoo would look like finished because it has the colours that I would be using to do the actual tattoo. Let me tell you, there were some very jealous individuals(teachers and tattoo individuals) who were seriously wanting my my pen, so i found where they were being sold and I know they rushed right out and bought several of them and you saved us so much money because now we dont have to buy all these colours of pens seperately which really took money away from other projects...but now its all falling into place and you made some people very very happy. I know I am going out to buy even more of these, I adore these pens, they flow instead of blot and smear...wonderful!! fantastic!! many words can I possibly use to describe such an awesome product.... i cant wait to see what smiley is gonna send out next for me to try out and review and then blog about....always like Christmas when I see a package coming in the mail from them even tho I generally know what the item is, because I signed up for the mission lol!!  

There will be plenty more reviews to put in here soon, but we just moved so I am still unpacking.....and as soon as I unpack my notes, I will have a whole lot more to put on here...keep your eyes peeled for more goodies!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello all my dear readers...I know I haven't written a post since November, but it would blow your mind if you knew all that has happened to us this year...and none of it good.   We had a wonderful holiday together, my family and I that is....Christmas and New Year's Day were wonderful since our family got to spend the holiday together.  It was quiet around here, for a change, our rotten next door neighbours apparently moved out, thankfully, so we all got a quiet night's sleep.  Rather than pick apart every little thing, every year I write a newsletter for our Christmas cards that I send out to family and I am going to copy the letter here so you all can see why it took me so long to finally write a post since will help you understand. 

First off we had to say goodbye to our furbaby, Olivia. We had adopted her from the animal shelter, but they neglected to tell us that she was not housebroken.  So she ended up ruining the carpet in the entire house. But I do not blame her entirely since she was my mother's responsibility, and she had that dog so spoiled her hands were never off that dog, she was constantly petting her or giving her treats, or whatever but when she gave her signal that she had to go out, my mother would just ignore it and the dog would piddle or poop whereever she happened to be at the time.  So we turned her back in to the animal shelter, in hopes that maybe she would find a family that could spend more time with her, and can give her more of what she needs.

In January 2012, we were forced to move out of the house that we had grown to love and call home  since we moved here to New Mexico in 2009.  But the owners decided that they were going to get a divorce, and the wife  gave us a ten day notice to vacate or else. We lost almost half our belongings, including clothes, collectibles, jewelry, makeup, shoes, furniture, crafts and supplies, toys, etc.  You name it, it got left behind because we didnt have the time, the help, or the place to put it all, but it was heart wrenching because some of the items were irreplaceable that belonged to my grandmother and my husband's mother...but what can you do?  What that woman did was illegal and we all knew it but we couldnt afford the lawyer to fight it and even if we did, they were putting the house in foreclosure so either way we would have to get out...   The house we had planned to buy, fell thru (thanks VA...thanks for nothing).  So we had to move back into an apartment which we all hate, we said we would never move back into an apartment when we moved to new mexico, but we didnt have a choice.  It was supposed to be a downstairs apartment but when we got over here to sign the papers we ended up stuck with an upstairs apartment, we had to take it , we didnt have a choice...we didnt have time to go look around for something else at least not then...We are trying to get into a downstairs apartment here, which means moving again, but in the long run, it will be easier on hubby and myself with our health problems.  We were initially told we could move in December but corporate gave the apartment that was scheduled for us, to the new maintenance manager, so that means we wait, we are supposed to move in january, but we dont have a specific day yet...maybe we will know tomorrow...who knows, we will see. It will be a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment, which will mean a whole lot less stress on us because four people trying to use one bathroom is next to impossible...and even tho we are taking care of her due to her having dementia, she puts an awful lot of stress on our family, but we just dont believe in putting her into a home unless she gets so bad we cant handle her.

Between my mom and our son's 5th grade teacher, I honestly thought we were going to have to keep him back a year but because of his fantastic state testing grades, they refused to keep him back...but at least hes away from certain teachers and students.  He is in middle school now and loving every minute of it, hes not having emotional problems anymore, hes not having any melt downs he loves his teachers he loves his classes...he almost hates  the fact that  its time to switch elective classes because he loves the elective classes that he has now....but thats ok, we will keep him active at home and hes got some new elective classes picked out that he will like almost as much as his first one.  He will do fine as long as they keep him interested and challenged and make it so he isnt bored.  We thought we were going to have to switch schools because we had an issue with one of the school nurses ...long story...

Let's see, health issues thats a big one.  In may I ended up in the hospital and found out i had blood clots in my lungs...which now its all gone so i dont take blood thinners anymore.  That was scary.  In October I had the polyps in my nose removed, finally, so i am feeling so much better. I healed up real well but it was supposed to be a day surgery and it ended up being a 3 day surgery because I went into respiratory distress...finally got home and rested up...(yeah right), then in November i got hospitalized when I found out I was allergic to aspirin of all things!! So I was in the hospital for one day in ICU for that one till they got me stabilized..then I went home and rested up again...(wishful thinking), Then two weeks later I took some ibuprofen for some inflammation in my knee, and it started upsetting my stomach so i took some pepto bismal...BIG MISTAKE, i couldnt breathe, i had diarrhea and was throwing up and sick to my stomach...little did i know both ibuprofen and pepto both have aspirin in them so i  got a double dose which really was scary ...almost spent two days in the hospital with that one. So now i have to look at every single thing i take over the counter.  It is in the pharmacy's computer system that im allergic to all that stuff, so if any doctor gives me something that has something I am allergic to it will put up all kinds of red flags.  And now I have to get busy packing to move!  IF they make up their mind and give us a downstairs apartment. 

Now you have an idea of what kind of year we have been having.  Thats why I love it when a company sends me something to review on my blog, that really does help. And I do not mind at all reviewing products and writing product reviews I dont even mind giving some free advertising on my blog if the product and company are good and I believe in them.

Well there ya go folks, theres some readin material for ya, and it will help you understand me a little better.  I actually have several more posts to put up if i can stay out of the hospital and if this move doesnt kill me first lol.

Happy New Year, Y'all!!