Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hello friends and family...and potential friends!

I really have to stop promising to post daily, it obviously jinxes me and causes me NOT to be able to post...!


I don't know how many of you have been to New Mexico, or who have thought about coming this way, but if/when you do come here, I will usher you to one of the greatest little specialty restaurants in my is called "Urban Hot Dog".

I have been going to this little hot dog joint since it first opened, and they have one of the most unusual menus I have ever many different hot dogs, almost impossible to pick just one!  All of them are fabulous and filling!  All hot dogs/sausages at Urban Hot Dog, are amazing, each one is a masterpiece of flavour and colour!

Every now and again, they come up with new hot dog need to go here frequently so as to not miss any of these amazing dogs!

My family and I made a trip to Urban Hot Dog just this past week, and we caught one of these first see it, you would think "this can't be good, it is too weird"...but you know what?  Dont judge a book by it's wide and take a bite!  You won't be sorry that you did...

The last trip we had gone to the menu board and picked which hot dogs we wanted to devour ...and made our way to the order counter...that's when we saw that they had a new dog ...all of us looked at each other, and that's when it happened, we all ordered the very same dog, abandoning the ones we had planned to order.  This one was so unusual that we couldn't resist!

Why was this dog so different you ask?  Imagine this...the dog is called "Snoop Dogg"...lots of things run thru your head when you read that title but hold onto your seat...It starts out with a steamed bun, slathered with peanut butter, a deep fried dog, topped with caramel corn and a drizzle of bbq sauce!  Sounds weird, right?  It is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever had...don't get me wrong, all their dogs are amazing, but this one is over the top! A little sweet, a little heat, and you are in hot dog heaven...!!

Normally my family and I will each order a different hot dog...never the same as each other, that way we can taste three different hot dogs at each trip...we take bites of each others hot dogs and see how incredible they all are!

If you think the hot dogs are all that is amazing, you would be wrong...they have several different types of french fries or onion strings...and dozens of toppings and house made sauces!

The restaurant is always clean, and the staff is amazing!  You always feel welcome and special...!  The owner is Matthew Bernabe...he is one of the nicest people around. Helpful, well mannered and friendly!  Not often do I say that about people, rarely does the staff at other restaruants ever open doors for you and treat you like family...that is why Matthew Bernabe gets high marks from me...!!

I can't say enough about this group...all I know is, as for my family and I, we will be back...time and time again!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Good morning, readers!

I don't know how many of you out there have tried kettle corn, but, up until recently, I never had...

I had heard about kettle corn, both positive and negative comments, but I just never had the opportunity to try it.  So, when our local Smith's grocery store had boxed microwave popcorn on sale, I jumped at the chance to try it!  I didn't know that microwave popcorn came in kettle corn flavour, I honestly thought I was going to have to find a recipe to make it myself.  Thankfully, we did find kettle corn flavour already premade in microwaveable packages on sale, 10 for $10

I had never heard of this brand before, but Cousin Willie's Microwave Popcorn is amazing!  Of course the first flavour we tried was kettle corn!  I have to tell you, this is the ONLY microwave popcorn, I have ever tried, that virtually every kernel popped!  Nothing worse than having a bunch of unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag.

My son dove into the bag first, beating me to the punch...I saw the sheepish little smile start to tug at the corners of his mouth, as it always did, when he tries something great for the first time, and when I saw his eyes start to sparkle, I knew it had to be awesome! (and he was not wrong!)  The popcorn was light and fluffy, not weighed down with a load of artificial butter flavour...just enough that you know it is there, just enough to let the slightly sweet kettle corn flavour shine!

To be honest, this is the best tasting microwave popcorn I have ever ate!  I can't wait to try the other flavours from Cousin Willie's!   If you see Cousin Willie's on your store shelves, I urge you to buy it!! (especially the kettle corn!)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Happy New Year, Readers!

Hello dear readers!  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/Channukah/Kwanzaa and New Year!

Kind of mellow around here...we were still living out of boxes, being as we had just moved (still moving, but just emptying out our storage unit).  I still made our awesome holiday dinners...lots of great food.  I had the chance to try some fabulous new recipes, which I will share with you here very soon.

I have lots of new reviews to share with you, recipes, businesses, etc.  Been very busy trying to open myself up to businesses, offering them a little free advertising here on my blog, both in the way of blog reviews AND if the business or product is great enough, I will put a "button" here on my blog so that a reader can click on the button and it will take them directly to the company/product's website!

I want to be helpful to all of you, by telling you how good or bad something is...I would hate you to waste your hard earned money on something that may be garbage.  I am not just going to do local businesses and such, I will make sure that I review products/services/businesses from around the country and around the world when possible!

If there is something you would like to see me write about, here on my blog, please feel free to drop me a line, privately either here or in my email:  I look forward to hearing from you!

I will be doing at least two blog reviews here today and keep your eyes open, I will be starting to blog far more frequently than I have in the past (new years resolution of sorts), now that everyone's health has improved, and hubby is back to school again, lol.

Write/talk to you soon!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I just found out something that is incredible...Wow, I learned that the average woman uses 16,000 tampons over time, and that no federal law requires makers to disclose the ingredients in them.   Protecting the right to know is important for all women in our lives. Learn more about this!  #comeclean #generationgood
Good evening readers!

It has been awhile since I blogged to you last...I am back...

Since I last wrote you, but so much has happened, that I just havent been able to get back to you...I have a lot of posts to enter very soon.

I just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago, after having major spinal reconstruction...again.  I hope this one takes better than the last two spinal reconstructions.  This was what they call a two tier surgery went in thru my side, below my ribcage, to insert a spacer between two vertebrae to replace the damaged disk.  Then, they cleaned up and did a second surgery, where my back was opened to replace the faulty rods, screws and spacers that the last surgeon put in.  Then they added an extension just north of the last vertebrae at the L3 to the S1 vertebrae are "fused".  I am not allowed to bend, stoop, twist or lift more than ten lbs.  I am healing at an incredible rate according to my new surgeon.

The next very bad thing to take place, was that the management of the apartment complex we were living in decided they wanted to kick us out (probably to raise the rent for the next person coming in)  It seems this complex is for short term living while people either had a house built or till they could find something more permanent.  we have lived in those apartments for over 6 that was probably what triggered them to kick us out...we had no help to move so we had to do everything ourselves.  they wanted us out on november 10th, which was when I was going in for with a bit of coercion they agreed to let us stay till december 7th...but with no help, we were still rather stuck...I went with the boys to help pack, right after I got out of the hospital...which wasnt a smart thing to do, but had to be done!!

We had to leave a lot behind, we just didnt have the time, or the energy to move anything more, so much of our furniture got left, and various other things...But we were out before December 1st., and we have not looked back.

They tried to send us a bill for painting the apartment, getting rid of the furniture, deep cleaning, cleaning the rug, etc...  It was them who kicked us out, they never fixed anything that we reported, the place was cockroach infested and mouse infested...they never sent in an exterminator so much of out belongings that we left were totally chewed up or messed on and not worth we left them.  Not to mention, they never even cleaned the kitchen.  The stove hood was greasy and sticky, the stove was not clean, instead of cleaning the counters, they painted over the dirt...yup, you read it right...they painted the counters.  I know this because the longer we used the counters, the more the paint bubbled up and peeled, it was gross thinking paint may have gotten into our food, etc.

So, we are now settled into a 3 bedroom house, it is not as far out as the place we first lived when we moved here from California, but we are still a ways out on the outskirts of the city...very quiet, nice neighbours, no sirens, etc.  We can even sit out and watch the stars at night because there are no city lights to blot out the stars, and we can watch our "pets" come into our yard and play with each other...we have wild cotton tails that come into our yard to eat the burr bearing weeds and nibble the leaves off our bush. We also have ground squirrels, owls, hawks, ravens and finches of all kinds that come into our yard to eat and play.  Lots of fun to watch.

Ok,well I am done boring you, just wanted to catch you up to date with all the goings on from my end.

I will have more posts within the next day or so...have no fear!!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, etc....God bless you all!

C'ya next time!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hello again, Readers!

Well, I was hoping to write you under better circumstances but, life happens.  I just found out that I will be having my third spinal reconstruction on November 3rd.  It will be what they call a two tier surgery.  Part one will be putting spacers in between the vertebrae to replaced the degenerating discs.  The second part will be to replace the rods and screws that are already holding my spine together, and also moving up one vertebrae as the disintegrating disc disease moves north up my spine.

Even tho they tell me I will be incapacitated and virtually immobile for some time...but I have surprised my surgeons thus far by how fast I we will see.

Now, back to my reviews...I do have several reviews to post for some wonderful products I have received from some awesome companies!  

All these will start in my next post!  Please keep on reading!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Hello one and all!

Have you ever just craved something?  Ever think of food and found your mouth watering at the thought? The reason I ask, is that there is a fantastic little shop that serves the absolutely most mouth watering hot dogs/sausages you could ever have!  My family and I usually hit this little shop every time we are out running errands...and the name of this shop is....Urban Hot Dog Company!!  They have been around for a little while now, and we have been stopping in  there. regularly, since they first opened.  We have never been disappointed!  My family and I have this great little "game" that we play every time we stop in at Urban Hot Dog Company.  Each of us gets a different themed dog and when they arrive at our table, we each try each others hot dogs/sausages. That way, if it is as awesome as the last, we will know, and give it a shot our next time in.

Urban Hot Dog is located at: The Shops at Cottonwood, 10250 Cottonwood Park Dr. NW Albuquerque.  If you want to check them out, before stopping in, their website is at:  There are so many choices of dogs and sausages, it is really hard to narrow it down to one! (that just means you get to come in more often, just to try the others!)

Are hot dogs/sausages not really what you are hungry for, stop in anyway...Urban Hot Dog Company has something for everyone's palate.  There is beer battered cod, wild and crazy different fries with awesome toppings like rosemary and garlic, chili con queso, bleu cheese chives and truffle oil, etc.  They even have sweet potato fries, onion strings, slaw, mac and cheese, grilled tofu, and so much more!!

You really have to go in, yourself and check them out!  And if  you like their goodies, and you feel like being a walking billboard, you can buy one of their cool shirts or hats ( I got one!! I always feel like being a walking billboard for them!!)

You have never gone in to a more welcoming establishment...the staff is always friendly and welcoming, always going out of their way to be the best they can be. Tables are cleared and cleaned in a timely manner, the food is delivered hot (and tasty) to your table with a smile (sure beats picking it up yourself!)

So why don't you treat yourself to one of the best dogs in town....drop in to Urban Hot Dog Company!! You won't be disappointed!