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Hello friends and family...and potential friends!

I really have to stop promising to post daily, it obviously jinxes me and causes me NOT to be able to post...!


I don't know how many of you have been to New Mexico, or who have thought about coming this way, but if/when you do come here, I will usher you to one of the greatest little specialty restaurants in my is called "Urban Hot Dog".

I have been going to this little hot dog joint since it first opened, and they have one of the most unusual menus I have ever many different hot dogs, almost impossible to pick just one!  All of them are fabulous and filling!  All hot dogs/sausages at Urban Hot Dog, are amazing, each one is a masterpiece of flavour and colour!

Every now and again, they come up with new hot dog need to go here frequently so as to not miss any of these amazing dogs!

My family and I made a trip to Urban Hot Dog just this past week, and we caught one of these…

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