Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Here's a review for ya...

As you all probably know, I do all the cooking for the family and I do all the shopping as well...the family comes with me but I pick it all out.  Anyway, I try to make the most healthy, best tasting food for my family for the least amount of money, since we are on a very limited income. 

Where I shop, at Walmart, your products are limited.  If you go in looking for a particular item, you may not find several brands selling the same item.  So, I go to Walmart and buy the big 4lb bag of frozen tilapia...only one company's product is sold at Walmart, and it is distributed by Beaver Street Fisheries, Inc.

I have been buying that brand for years, usually it's a great brand, and offer great product. But, lately, the quality has gone downhill.  I have found bones, scales and fins in the bag, which is rather disgusting.  I buy my fish this way because I rely on it being cleaned, ready to go, no matter what my recipe, I just have to open the individually wrapped fish and then cook it and serve it up.

So, if you are going to buy this kind of fish from this company, be forewarned, check each sealed fish, upon opening, to make sure you arent serving your family (or guests) bones, fins or scales.  The fish is still incredible, but now I will just have to be a lot more careful.

It seems their quality assurance has gone out the window, which is really sad.  I hate seeing such a great product/company letting their quality sink, just to keep up with demand.  Quality should never suffer.

I will be posting some great recipes, using this fish...keep your eyes open for them...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trivia answer and first of several reviews

Your last trivia question was: Which U.S. President made the first telephone call to the moon?
Does anyone want to hazard a guess? The answer Richard M. Nixon on July 20, 1969.

I know, I know...Still having some issues with blogspot, so it makes it look like I am not being a very responsible poster, but I am keeping on top of them...

Generally, I absolutly love Banquet brands TV dinners.  You get the most bang for your buck, the best flavour, and great ingredients for the most part.  Everyone in my family loves them, on the days that I dont feel up to cooking, etc.  We noticed, lately, that they are venturing into the breakfast bowl area...

The picture on the box looks pretty appetizing, but this new "cheesy Potato Bake with Bacon" really falls flat.  It seems to be a pretty good size bowl, but when you open the box, you, like we were, will be sorely disappointed.  It shows a bowl of chunky potatoes, a good amount of bacon and broccoli in a cheese sauce.  Guess what?  You will soon see that there are about 5 chunks of potatoes, bacon pieces that are so small they are unrecognizeable as bacon, and the same goes for the broccoli, the pieces are so small, that if these pieces weren't green, you would never know they were broccoli!  Plenty of sauce, which was bland and soupy.  Very little flavour, very little seasoning.  To be honest, don't waste your money on this, you need about three of these to make a worthwhile breakfast.  You are better off buying the breakfast pot pies that are also available...sure the picture is not as gourmet looking when it comes to the pot pies, but they taste better, and are more filling!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Better than cinnamon rolls...

Luxe Cinnamon Sugar Biscuits

Get a tube of grands flakey layers biscuits, separate them out onto a cookie sheet, spread a light layer of margarine on the tops of each biscuit, sprinkle the tops liberally with cinnamon sugar. put into a 350 degree oven for 14 minutes. While they are baking take about half a cup of margarine/butter and mix in 1/3 cup brown sugar. take the biscuits out and let them cool for about ten minutes. split each biscuit open and spread liberally with the brown sugar margarine spread...and if you really want to "guild the lily", you can make a topping for these biscuits using 1 cup mexican crema, plain/vanilla greek yogurt or sour cream and mix in 1/4 cup honey...drizzle the biscuits liberally with this topping...fantastic!!

I created this recipe when I really didn't know what I wanted to make for a dessert, one night.  I looked in the fridge, it was at the end of the month so we hadn't gone shopping yet, so there wasn't much to choose from.  So, I had a wild idea, Jr. had been asking for cinnamon rolls, but that is such a time consuming endeavor, I wanted to really cut down on the time and effort...pretty much fix it and forget it!  And so was borne the Luxe Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit recipe...and now my family begs for these, and drools over them every time I mention the idea of making them !!

Busy busy busy

Alright my dear readers, I have been gone awhile because I have been researching products and recipes for you...some good, some not so good...I will be posting all that i have done these past couple of weeks, I am sure this will have been worth the wait!

How about a bit of trivia?  Which U.S. President made the first telephone call to the moon?
Does anyone want to hazard a guess?