Better than cinnamon rolls...

Luxe Cinnamon Sugar Biscuits

Get a tube of grands flakey layers biscuits, separate them out onto a cookie sheet, spread a light layer of margarine on the tops of each biscuit, sprinkle the tops liberally with cinnamon sugar. put into a 350 degree oven for 14 minutes. While they are baking take about half a cup of margarine/butter and mix in 1/3 cup brown sugar. take the biscuits out and let them cool for about ten minutes. split each biscuit open and spread liberally with the brown sugar margarine spread...and if you really want to "guild the lily", you can make a topping for these biscuits using 1 cup mexican crema, plain/vanilla greek yogurt or sour cream and mix in 1/4 cup honey...drizzle the biscuits liberally with this topping...fantastic!!

I created this recipe when I really didn't know what I wanted to make for a dessert, one night.  I looked in the fridge, it was at the end of the month so we hadn't gone shopping yet, so there wasn't much to choose from.  So, I had a wild idea, Jr. had been asking for cinnamon rolls, but that is such a time consuming endeavor, I wanted to really cut down on the time and effort...pretty much fix it and forget it!  And so was borne the Luxe Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit recipe...and now my family begs for these, and drools over them every time I mention the idea of making them !!


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