Trivia answer and first of several reviews

Your last trivia question was: Which U.S. President made the first telephone call to the moon?
Does anyone want to hazard a guess? The answer Richard M. Nixon on July 20, 1969.

I know, I know...Still having some issues with blogspot, so it makes it look like I am not being a very responsible poster, but I am keeping on top of them...

Generally, I absolutly love Banquet brands TV dinners.  You get the most bang for your buck, the best flavour, and great ingredients for the most part.  Everyone in my family loves them, on the days that I dont feel up to cooking, etc.  We noticed, lately, that they are venturing into the breakfast bowl area...

The picture on the box looks pretty appetizing, but this new "cheesy Potato Bake with Bacon" really falls flat.  It seems to be a pretty good size bowl, but when you open the box, you, like we were, will be sorely disappointed.  It shows a bowl of chunky potatoes, a good amount of bacon and broccoli in a cheese sauce.  Guess what?  You will soon see that there are about 5 chunks of potatoes, bacon pieces that are so small they are unrecognizeable as bacon, and the same goes for the broccoli, the pieces are so small, that if these pieces weren't green, you would never know they were broccoli!  Plenty of sauce, which was bland and soupy.  Very little flavour, very little seasoning.  To be honest, don't waste your money on this, you need about three of these to make a worthwhile breakfast.  You are better off buying the breakfast pot pies that are also available...sure the picture is not as gourmet looking when it comes to the pot pies, but they taste better, and are more filling!


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