Sunday, July 29, 2012

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I received a great product to test and is called Cook'n recipe organizer.  It is a fantastic product if you want a way to keep your recipes organized and basically make your own cookbook!  This is great for me since I am trying to create a cookbook of tried and true recipes that I can pass down to my son, since he likes my food, and my way of cooking, and he is learning to cook as well.  He has always asked for my recipes, because there have come times when i was too sick to cook and such, and he wants to take over the kitchen if that were to transpire again, and with this program, he will have my recipes, and lots of other recipes that are provided in the program, that are easy and simple to follow, and he has no problem following the recipes, they are easy to read, simple ingredients, and he is enjoying trying these recipes.  The program is very easy to load and follow, even my ten year old son could do it.  You dont have to be a computer whiz to use this program and if you have questions, DVO employees are very easy to reach and are always happy to help and answer any question you may have.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to make a cookbook or just store their own favourite recipes so that they don't get lost.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I hope you all are enjoying my posts...well here is another one, and this one is a real safety issue. 
I do a lot of cooking and baking, and I use a lot of pyrex products.  Well I had my 13"x9" pyrex baking dish sitting on the back of my stovetop, for lack of room right now, in my kitchen. Anyway, I had my various pots on the stove that i was making dinner in, and then i had my back turned to the stove so I could dice up the chicken and onions that i needed for my meal, and all of a sudden i heard this horrendous explosion....i felt something hit me in the back, and i thought it was my son but he was nowhere to be seen, so I looked everywhere and I couldnt figure out what it was but my son came out in the kitchen and noticed it was my pyrex baking dish...apparently the wrong burner, on my electric stove, had gotten turned on and the baking dish exploded, literally, into millions of shards of glass, i thank god that my son wasnt in the kitchen with me and I thank god I wasnt facing the stove when the baking dish exploded...the stove top wasnt even on for more than a few minutes when the baking dish exploded..  I can understand if i was trying to cook with it on an open flame on the stove top, but this was not a gas stove, and there was nothing in it, and it wasnt even fully on the burner, so there had to be a flaw in the glass or something because i have never, in all my years of using pyrex have i ever seen one explode that way.  Now I seriously hesitate even thinking of buying another pyrex product after this, after my husband and son helped me clean up the shattered glass, then picking glass out of the back of my shirt, and cleaning up where the glass had cut thru my shirt and cut into my back, and also cleaning my feet and my sons feet from stepping on the glass that had landed on the floor that we couldnt see at the time.  I plan on sending a copy of this review to pyrex incorporated and let them know what happened so they can do better quality control...any one of us could have been blinded by the flying glass!!  I just thank god i was the only one in the kitchen at the time and I was not facing the stove or that may have been what happened to me, the glass would have exploded into my face and eyes.  Not a pleasant thought.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Still having a blast on my birthday, my husband and son decided to take me to Outback steakhouse.  I had the steak and lobster and you get two sides of your choice, I had the seasoned rice and garlic mashed potatoes.  It was all done to perfection, it had been many years since I had lobster so this was quite a treat, and it was served with seasoned butter, which gave it a wonderful flavour. The steak was perfectly done,  as I like mine medium rare, and that is exactly what I got, and perfectly seasoned.  The wait staff and managers were friendly and more than willing to help, even changing the tv channel for us (none of us cared to watch golf or football) so we asked if they would turn it to our Nascar race.  And I had a wonderful blended peach drink that was so flavourful and was like a cross between a smoothie and a slurpee, of course it had enough alcohol in it to floor most people, but it was just like biting into a fresh peach, and being that it was so hot outside, it was the perfect drink to have, i would go into Outback just to have that drink again! Lastly, we each had a different dessert.  My son had the trio, which was a slice of each of their cakes/cheesecakes, very decadent, hubby had the chocolate thunder from down under ...another decadent dessert...I am not one for things that are that sweet so I had something unique...I had the key lime pie, it was tangy, sweet, not overly sweet....very simple but very well done and so smooth and creamy.  Definitely a meal that is highly recommended.  We thought that they were going to have to roll us out the door, but we actually made it back to the car, lol.

And what a wonderful way to finish off the day, my son handed me a box, and I almost cried when I opened was a beautiful celtic sterling silver cross.  The only time I have removed the cross from my neck is to put a different chain on it...absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you hubby and Jr....I love you both so very much.  They are the best birthday present of all!
Good morning everyone, yup I'm back as I promised.  Had a great birthday on June 29th, we went to dinner, will tell more about that in another post. First we went to the matinee of a movie we had all been dying to see..."Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter".  The movie was fantastic, we saw it in real D 3D.  It was like you were in the movie and it surrounded you.  I admit, there was some pretty gruesome segments to the movie, its not really for small children under the age of 12.  The storyline was awesome, it followed Abraham Lincoln from childhood up thru the day of his death (they dont show him actually getting killed).
But it shows him being protective of those that were slaves and were his friends(as a child). And it shows why and how he became a vampire hunter.  I won't give away the whole movie.  The action is fantastic, the costuming is wonderful, the only thing that was a little odd to me is that they paid so much attention to Abraham Lincoln's makeup thru the years, but those around him don't seem to age, his wife and friend seem to stay the same age with just a touch of grey in their hair...granted, the movie is supposed to be about Abe Lincoln, but you have to pay attention to the small details, too, because there are those of us, like me, that really pay attention to detail.  The special effects were awesome as well.  The train scene was so realistic and has you on the edge of your seat!  I highly recommend this movie....assuming you can get past the blood and gore, but there isnt enough of that to ruin the great movie.  Granted there are some parts of the story that were a little off, for those of us horror afficionados, we know what kills vampires and it isnt what they were using, but if you can also get past that, you really will enjoy this movie.  So go grab a big bucket of popcorn and a drink, and have fun with it!