Monday, June 27, 2011

simply awful product

I don't get out much except to work in my garden and it takes me forever to tan.  Well I saw this product on the shelf at walmart so I thought I would pick it up and see how it worked.  It is a well known brand so I figured it would work better than some of the other brands I saw on the shelf.  It is "Coppertone Endless Summer Sunless Tanning gradual tan moisturizing lotion".  It boasts that its for a flawless, natural looking tan you about false advertising.  It had a pleasant scent, it went on nice and creamy, and I put it only on my leg since they get the least amount of sun...but it has been real hot around here ...117 obviously there is a lot of sweating going on....Well we had a few cooler days when I first started using this, so there wasnt any sweating and the product seemed to be working as I was noticing a gradual tan starting to show up...but it was fake looking, orangey coloured rather than a nice shade of sun soaked brown.  And then the heat showed up and so did the sweat, oh my god, streaks everywhere, it was awful...and the minute I took a shower it washed off instead of staying on as it was supposed to.  Dont waste your time or money on this product, try something else....just because it is a trusted brand dont trust it yourself until you try it first.  Now you have a reponse from me, try another brand and leave this one on the shelf.

Monday, June 20, 2011

hmmm whats that song called..."windy"

I dont know how windy it got last night but it was really bad, so bad that it actually had jr so scared that he slept in my arms until the wind blew my lead crystal vase off the windowsill...thank god no dishes or the vase itself was broken.  But outside, our umbrella, cast iron/glass table was thrown across the garden along with chairs, birdbath and various other things, it was awful....i finally got jr back to sleep but it took a long time, the wind was literally howling like a banshee...kept me awake most of the night.  So today I woke up with a worse backache and headache and allergies.  Thankfully my garden wasnt damaged, I would have hated to go thru all that work just to have my garden destroyed. We have a huge garden almost as big as the house itself, so I am growing all kinds of flowers, fruit, veggies, etc.   And we are grassing in one section of the yard to "play in" and jr has one segment of the yard that i all sand and that area houses his swing set.  he also plays with his cars, trucks and action figures in the same area.

Right in front of his sandbox area I have my garden of corn and across the walkway from it i have ornamental gourds which will be nice to bring in some extra money once they are dried and decorated and turned into bird houses and such. I will start posting pictures of my crafts on here in case anyone wants to buy them or knows anyone that does want to buy them. Anyone that knows me on facebook has probably already seen my folder of pictures of all my crafts and such.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

question for all my readers

I am in a few different groups and I thought maybe I would kind of connect them here with my cooking and reviews and such.  As many of you readers know, I just recently got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and various different types of arthritis.  Well, in one of the fibromyalgia groups some of the women were asking about bodybuilding and eating right and such.  Do any of you have fibromyalgia?  Would you like information on the subject?  do you have questions you want answered?  about any subject in particular?  It doesnt have to be can be about proper nutrition, bodybuilding, fibromyalgia, arthritis or whatever you may have questions on...I am about to start doing giveaways as well....but I am trying to get more companies involved.  Anyway, if you have questions about any subject at all, dont be afraid or hesitant to ask here...we are all friends and families here, feel free to ask.  No question is stupid and no one will look at you as if you were stupid if you do ask ....the only stupid question is the one that remains unasked..


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interesting combo of flavours

I dont know if Blake's Lotaburger is a local shop or if it is nationwide, but it is a little hamburger joint here in Rio Rancho/Albuquerque.  The food itself is lousy, the burgers are supposedly rated the best, but to me they taste like cardboard and they are not even hot.

Anyway, we had been hearing ads for their newest milkshake....the flavour sounded really bizarre, but we do live in New Mexico, home of the chili here goes....habanero lime milkshakes.  Sound bizarre enough for ya? 

Trust me, they are need to go visit this place and grab one, y ou will be totally amazed.  The flavour is fantastic, has a pleasant kick that gets you in the back of the throat but it is not overbearing.  On a hot day this shake is fantastic, but I would definitely go somewhere else to get your food.

The only bad thing about this shake is that it is tiny....The prices are jacked up to $2.50 for the only size shake that they come in.  They really need to come in multiple sizes and lower the price if they want more people to come in. 

I have never liked their food, but this shake sure makes me want to come in ....I just wish there was more to the is the size of a medium size coffee anywhere else, such as McDonald's or Burger King.  But the flavour almost makes up for it.

All I can say is check it out for yourself, even the pickiest people in your family will love this shake, take my word for it.

what do you think?

I am going to also start posting giveaways from various companies and groups and the first one is from Giveaway blogs refer and win....the link to the site is: 
sign up and be entered to win all kinds of free goodies, and i am not talking reapo cheapo crap, I am talking about wii systems and such. you can also go to facebook and "like" them there for additional chances at winning. sign up here on my blog to follow me on google, and it will keep you up to date as when new items are added and you can keep track of other goodies here on my blog, new recipes new reviews, giveaways, etc.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

sorry folks

someone hacked my account here and i almost lost my entire blog...not a good thing but i am up and running again and am in the process of posting several new things...i have some recipes for you and several reviews, they kind of stacked up over the past few days while i was trying to get this cleared up....i dont know who got into my account, i have an idea since only one person had my password and if i find out that it was in fact that individual, they are messing with the wrong person because they also involved my facebook, twitter and other accounts, and that is not putting me in a good mood right now, and im not the one you want to mess with, trust me...anyway, i know you will like to read what i have to say so give me this weekend and i will be posting these new blog im battling a raging mass of ants in my office this morning, so i will be taking care of them first and then i will sit down tonight and post my blog have a wonderful summer dessert drink version of a black cow and it can be twisted into an egg cream for those of you on the east coast lol...and lots of other goodies as well....keep an eye out, dont go away...lots of interesting reading coming your way...

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm back...

I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to get back to you, but pain has a way of doing that to a person...pain and trying to be a semi foster parent to a friend who is my son's classmate.  I hate seeing kids left home alone while the parent goes out to work, but I know it has to be done.  But things got too out of control here with him, and our son suffered for it so we had to put our foot down and now he will only be staying a few days per week instead of every day, and there is no way in God's green earth that we would take on his brother who is so totally out of control that even his own family cant handle him.
Anyway....with all that out of the way, I am back in action here and still havent heard from many of far only one person is a regular responder on here...thank you Ainsley!...come on guys...what do you want to see from me?  Do you have recipes that you are looking for?  Do you have recipes that you would like to see? themes?  maybe you want fathers day ideas?  cook outs ?  marinades?  Just ask and I will happily post the recipes.  Maybe you want some craft ideas...I have lots of those as well...just tell me what you would like to see, give me some ideas as to what you like and want to see.  Any topics you want to talk about?  We can start a conversation here and keep it going...something you have seen in the news and want to talk about?  books you have read and want to discuss?  Nothing is that taboo here...I jusst ask that you keep the profanity to a minimum but beyond that pretty much anything goes.

Love you all,