sorry folks

someone hacked my account here and i almost lost my entire blog...not a good thing but i am up and running again and am in the process of posting several new things...i have some recipes for you and several reviews, they kind of stacked up over the past few days while i was trying to get this cleared up....i dont know who got into my account, i have an idea since only one person had my password and if i find out that it was in fact that individual, they are messing with the wrong person because they also involved my facebook, twitter and other accounts, and that is not putting me in a good mood right now, and im not the one you want to mess with, trust me...anyway, i know you will like to read what i have to say so give me this weekend and i will be posting these new blog im battling a raging mass of ants in my office this morning, so i will be taking care of them first and then i will sit down tonight and post my blog have a wonderful summer dessert drink version of a black cow and it can be twisted into an egg cream for those of you on the east coast lol...and lots of other goodies as well....keep an eye out, dont go away...lots of interesting reading coming your way...


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