question for all my readers

I am in a few different groups and I thought maybe I would kind of connect them here with my cooking and reviews and such.  As many of you readers know, I just recently got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and various different types of arthritis.  Well, in one of the fibromyalgia groups some of the women were asking about bodybuilding and eating right and such.  Do any of you have fibromyalgia?  Would you like information on the subject?  do you have questions you want answered?  about any subject in particular?  It doesnt have to be can be about proper nutrition, bodybuilding, fibromyalgia, arthritis or whatever you may have questions on...I am about to start doing giveaways as well....but I am trying to get more companies involved.  Anyway, if you have questions about any subject at all, dont be afraid or hesitant to ask here...we are all friends and families here, feel free to ask.  No question is stupid and no one will look at you as if you were stupid if you do ask ....the only stupid question is the one that remains unasked..



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