Interesting combo of flavours

I dont know if Blake's Lotaburger is a local shop or if it is nationwide, but it is a little hamburger joint here in Rio Rancho/Albuquerque.  The food itself is lousy, the burgers are supposedly rated the best, but to me they taste like cardboard and they are not even hot.

Anyway, we had been hearing ads for their newest milkshake....the flavour sounded really bizarre, but we do live in New Mexico, home of the chili here goes....habanero lime milkshakes.  Sound bizarre enough for ya? 

Trust me, they are need to go visit this place and grab one, y ou will be totally amazed.  The flavour is fantastic, has a pleasant kick that gets you in the back of the throat but it is not overbearing.  On a hot day this shake is fantastic, but I would definitely go somewhere else to get your food.

The only bad thing about this shake is that it is tiny....The prices are jacked up to $2.50 for the only size shake that they come in.  They really need to come in multiple sizes and lower the price if they want more people to come in. 

I have never liked their food, but this shake sure makes me want to come in ....I just wish there was more to the is the size of a medium size coffee anywhere else, such as McDonald's or Burger King.  But the flavour almost makes up for it.

All I can say is check it out for yourself, even the pickiest people in your family will love this shake, take my word for it.


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