Monday, November 12, 2012

Ok, folks, I kept my promise...I did tell you I would be back with some reviews.  And here I am!!

Have any of you out there heard of a restaurant called "Romano's Macaroni Grill?   Well, I have never been to one, but have heard the advertisements for it, and the food sounds when I was given the opportunity to review one of their new boxed dinner creations, I jumped at the chance!  Wow!  Sure did surprise me.  As you all know, I am not one much for boxed anything, I cook everything from scratch, but with my back and legs the way they are, I dont't mind the occasional short cut, especially when the ingredients are as good as they are in this meal.  I have on more than one occasion made Chicken Piccata from scratch but this was fantastic...almost as good as homemade.  You get all the ingredients with the exception of the chicken and the margarine/butter.and that is it!  The instructions are very easy to follow, very good quality ingredients right down to the packet of chablis enclosed!!.  My boy and I even got  creative with it and added sliced onions and bell peppers, and added more angel hair pasta and more wine along with capers, what a way to feed 4 people with some left over for the next nights dinner!! 

Not only did this meal taste fantastic but for those of us who are very health conscious, this mean has zero trans fat! It doesn't get any better than that.  If they ever wanted someone to try their other products they could send them our way!!

Tomorrow we will see what I can come up with to review, since I have so many different places and products to review!....No hints here, you are just going to have to be surprised like everyone else.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello my friends, followers and family...

I wanted to make a quick post just to give you a short heads up for the moment.  You all know we have been going thru some crazy times this year.  In January we were kicked out of the home we had been renting since we moved here to New Mexico, thanks to the owners deciding they were going to get a divorce.  Most of our belongings got left behind in the move because we had no professional help and we were given a very short time to get everything out and into storage. 

Then we moved into an apartment, which was supposed to be a two bedroom downstairs apartment...when we got here to sign paperwork for the apartment we found out it was going to be a two bedroom upstairs apartment.  It has reminded me of how much I hate apartment life.

We had kept our hopes alive of owning that house that we had built for us, but thanks to the VA wanting a 620 or better credit score, it just wasnt happening so we had to let our dream house go least for now.  We havent given up totally but at least for a couple of years we are going to stay here in the apartment complex and save up money and try again.  But for now we have decided to move into a two bedroom got it, the one that we had originally been scheduled to move into...  That is going to happen in December.  So we are all looking forward to that.  It will mean less painful shopping days where we wont have to drag several loads of groceries up the stairs, and all the wear and tear on our bodies. 

You may remember I was hospitalized in May for Scarlett Fever...and almost didnt make it out of the hospital alive...well Jr had surgery the day after his bday (september 27th) and hes doing just fine...had his tonsils and adenoids out.  He missed a horrible amount of school but hes got some great teachers and staff that are working with to get him caught up and getting his grades up to where they are supposed to be, at least in the passing range.

I had surgery two weeks ago (October 18th) on the nasal/sinus polyps that I have been suffering with for the past 10+years.  I can finally breathe thru my nose, taste and smell how wonderful food is once again!!  The old saying rings true, you dont know what you have till its gone...and you dont know how precious that gift really is.  Don't take anything for granted because one day you may be without it like i was...and its a living nightmare....your senses are a precious gift, be aware of the beauty around you, the scents of nature, the scent of a baby's skin, the flowers of springtime, the fresh mown grass...the flavours all around you, the spiciness of fall with its pumpkin pie spices and the scent and taste of fresh baked bread and the flavours of Thanksgiving and Christmas...And never take your friends and family for granted because you may lose them in the deal as well...I almost did not make it out of the hospital this time, they found out I no longer have the pulmonary emboli, but they also could not regulate my breathing so I was kept in ICU for three days!! 

But I am back!!  And I have LOTS to blog about , new restaurants that we have tried, new foods, new drinks, new products, keep your eyes on my blog and you will get to read all kinds of neat things from me...I have missed you all!!  Please dont hesitate to comment, offer suggestions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Sunday, July 29, 2012

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I received a great product to test and is called Cook'n recipe organizer.  It is a fantastic product if you want a way to keep your recipes organized and basically make your own cookbook!  This is great for me since I am trying to create a cookbook of tried and true recipes that I can pass down to my son, since he likes my food, and my way of cooking, and he is learning to cook as well.  He has always asked for my recipes, because there have come times when i was too sick to cook and such, and he wants to take over the kitchen if that were to transpire again, and with this program, he will have my recipes, and lots of other recipes that are provided in the program, that are easy and simple to follow, and he has no problem following the recipes, they are easy to read, simple ingredients, and he is enjoying trying these recipes.  The program is very easy to load and follow, even my ten year old son could do it.  You dont have to be a computer whiz to use this program and if you have questions, DVO employees are very easy to reach and are always happy to help and answer any question you may have.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to make a cookbook or just store their own favourite recipes so that they don't get lost.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I hope you all are enjoying my posts...well here is another one, and this one is a real safety issue. 
I do a lot of cooking and baking, and I use a lot of pyrex products.  Well I had my 13"x9" pyrex baking dish sitting on the back of my stovetop, for lack of room right now, in my kitchen. Anyway, I had my various pots on the stove that i was making dinner in, and then i had my back turned to the stove so I could dice up the chicken and onions that i needed for my meal, and all of a sudden i heard this horrendous explosion....i felt something hit me in the back, and i thought it was my son but he was nowhere to be seen, so I looked everywhere and I couldnt figure out what it was but my son came out in the kitchen and noticed it was my pyrex baking dish...apparently the wrong burner, on my electric stove, had gotten turned on and the baking dish exploded, literally, into millions of shards of glass, i thank god that my son wasnt in the kitchen with me and I thank god I wasnt facing the stove when the baking dish exploded...the stove top wasnt even on for more than a few minutes when the baking dish exploded..  I can understand if i was trying to cook with it on an open flame on the stove top, but this was not a gas stove, and there was nothing in it, and it wasnt even fully on the burner, so there had to be a flaw in the glass or something because i have never, in all my years of using pyrex have i ever seen one explode that way.  Now I seriously hesitate even thinking of buying another pyrex product after this, after my husband and son helped me clean up the shattered glass, then picking glass out of the back of my shirt, and cleaning up where the glass had cut thru my shirt and cut into my back, and also cleaning my feet and my sons feet from stepping on the glass that had landed on the floor that we couldnt see at the time.  I plan on sending a copy of this review to pyrex incorporated and let them know what happened so they can do better quality control...any one of us could have been blinded by the flying glass!!  I just thank god i was the only one in the kitchen at the time and I was not facing the stove or that may have been what happened to me, the glass would have exploded into my face and eyes.  Not a pleasant thought.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Still having a blast on my birthday, my husband and son decided to take me to Outback steakhouse.  I had the steak and lobster and you get two sides of your choice, I had the seasoned rice and garlic mashed potatoes.  It was all done to perfection, it had been many years since I had lobster so this was quite a treat, and it was served with seasoned butter, which gave it a wonderful flavour. The steak was perfectly done,  as I like mine medium rare, and that is exactly what I got, and perfectly seasoned.  The wait staff and managers were friendly and more than willing to help, even changing the tv channel for us (none of us cared to watch golf or football) so we asked if they would turn it to our Nascar race.  And I had a wonderful blended peach drink that was so flavourful and was like a cross between a smoothie and a slurpee, of course it had enough alcohol in it to floor most people, but it was just like biting into a fresh peach, and being that it was so hot outside, it was the perfect drink to have, i would go into Outback just to have that drink again! Lastly, we each had a different dessert.  My son had the trio, which was a slice of each of their cakes/cheesecakes, very decadent, hubby had the chocolate thunder from down under ...another decadent dessert...I am not one for things that are that sweet so I had something unique...I had the key lime pie, it was tangy, sweet, not overly sweet....very simple but very well done and so smooth and creamy.  Definitely a meal that is highly recommended.  We thought that they were going to have to roll us out the door, but we actually made it back to the car, lol.

And what a wonderful way to finish off the day, my son handed me a box, and I almost cried when I opened was a beautiful celtic sterling silver cross.  The only time I have removed the cross from my neck is to put a different chain on it...absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you hubby and Jr....I love you both so very much.  They are the best birthday present of all!
Good morning everyone, yup I'm back as I promised.  Had a great birthday on June 29th, we went to dinner, will tell more about that in another post. First we went to the matinee of a movie we had all been dying to see..."Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter".  The movie was fantastic, we saw it in real D 3D.  It was like you were in the movie and it surrounded you.  I admit, there was some pretty gruesome segments to the movie, its not really for small children under the age of 12.  The storyline was awesome, it followed Abraham Lincoln from childhood up thru the day of his death (they dont show him actually getting killed).
But it shows him being protective of those that were slaves and were his friends(as a child). And it shows why and how he became a vampire hunter.  I won't give away the whole movie.  The action is fantastic, the costuming is wonderful, the only thing that was a little odd to me is that they paid so much attention to Abraham Lincoln's makeup thru the years, but those around him don't seem to age, his wife and friend seem to stay the same age with just a touch of grey in their hair...granted, the movie is supposed to be about Abe Lincoln, but you have to pay attention to the small details, too, because there are those of us, like me, that really pay attention to detail.  The special effects were awesome as well.  The train scene was so realistic and has you on the edge of your seat!  I highly recommend this movie....assuming you can get past the blood and gore, but there isnt enough of that to ruin the great movie.  Granted there are some parts of the story that were a little off, for those of us horror afficionados, we know what kills vampires and it isnt what they were using, but if you can also get past that, you really will enjoy this movie.  So go grab a big bucket of popcorn and a drink, and have fun with it! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello to all my family and friends...and readers,

Please forgive my absence but it seems there has been illness after illness in this house...first jr comes home from school with scarlet fever, and proceeds to give it to me, well he can take antibiotics but I can't, so I had to let it run its course.  Well just when I started feeling better, I had a horrendous relapse and got so weak I couldn't even walk so hubby called 911 and they carted me off to the ER.  That was loads of fun. After running a gamut of tests the doctor came in and told us that it looked like someone had shot me in the chest with buckshot, he said I had dozens of bb size blood clots in my lungs, and they had no idea how I got them, because no one in my family had them, at least not on my mothers side of the family, I dont know anything about my father's side of the family so I told them I had no idea about that.  So I ended up in the hospital for almost a week, and they now have me on a blood thinner that I really have to watch what I eat, I can't travel for at least two months or until I get stabilized with this medication, etc.  At least hubby and jr came to visit me every day after school...I am feeling a little better now, still weak, I can't stand for long periods, and I have no appetite at all, I could go for days without eating and it wouldn't even bother me...well I am doing good at losing weight lol.

But I am back now, and I will post more recipes, reviews, etc...but bear with me ....I do have LOTS of great things to write about, just give me a little time, you won't regret it and I may even have a contest coming up...more on this later.

Love you all

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello again...well as I promised, I would be back again for you today...

Hope you liked the review from yesterday, because here comes another one.  Again it is an as seen on tv product, and once again it is NOT a positive review.  Well where do i start with this one...The product is called the "slap chop".   I am sure you have all seen this one on TV, seems like the best thing since sliced bread, trust me, it isnt.    Sure they make it look like it comes apart so easily, and it does, the biggest problem?  Trying to put it back together properly and safely.  I mainly got this product for our son, so that he could help me in the kitchen since he loves to cook and bake with me.  And every time I saw this product advertised, it sounded better and better rather than have him use a knife he could use the slap chop and problem solved...right? WRONG.  Sure, it came apart just as easy as they showed on the ad, but did anyone ever see them try and put it back together after it was washed and used?  No, and now I know why, the product did not go back together the same way it came apart.  Not to mention the fact that the item was razor sharp, and anyones fingers could have been easily gashed while trying to put this thing back together.  I tried for over an hour to get the pieces to go back the way they came apart, and it never happened...just when I thought I had it, I let our son try using it, and it all flew apart, which could have easily sliced his fingers off completely the way it flew apart!....The instructions were poorly written, it never showed how to put it back together, you were virtually on your own once you bought the damned thing.  Needless to say I immediately threw the item in the trash even tho it was brand new and had been used only twice while trying to put it back together and use it properly.    So, don't waste your money or your safety by buying this piece of garbage...I would rather buy the chopper that the host threw in the sink over the one that he was advertising for.  Whatever you do, do NOT buy the slap chop and if you do, whatever you do, do NOT let your child use this item and be very careful if you choose to use it yourself....

Thus far, the only thing worthwhile out of that particular company was the sham wow products...but that is another review...

Are new as seen on tv products making me cynical, you better believe it, it seems the old way is always best...I am extremely careful as to what I buy these days that I see on TV...Like the old saying goes "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hey all, here I am again, still having windstorms here, has to be that time of year...had snow the other day and rain, so I have kind of been spending a little less time online, I dont want anything to happen to my computer, plus the computer has been acting screwy with the winds, so I have been getting a little more than fed up with having to retype segments of my blog posts every few minutes because the system reboots itself thanks to the storm...and its annoying as hell...but oh well, thats New Mexico for ya, next thing we have to expect is Monsoon season which is coming up real soon.  Oh joy! lol

First off let me start off by wishing my darling cousin, Daniel...happy 43rd bday sweetie...I miss you.  Hope you have something special planned....

Ok, here goes...Let's start off today's blog with a review...unfortunately its not a good one.  It is one of those "as seen on TV" items that are oh so popular until you get them home and actually try them.  This one is called "Eggies".  Yup, the one that is supposed to make the perfect eggs for making perfect devilled eggs and such.  DON'T waste  your time on these.  Yes, it makes great hard boiled eggs, without having to deal with peeling the shells off them and losing half the egg in the if you just want to eat hard boiled eggs or make egg salad sandwiches.  But if you are looking to make the perfect devilled eggs, and you think these are going to be the perfect shape and size as they show on tv...don't waste your time or your money on this product.  It cooks them to perfection if you add a little extra time to what it asks for, as for the perfect shape that it shows on tv...NOT!!  it is like you get half an egg by appearance.  the little container that they give you, only gets filled halfway when you put an egg into it, and thats how it comes out...they are far from the perfect shape and size.  They make it look so perfect on tv and on the box, but when you get it...and use it you will be sadly disappointed if you are familiar with what real devilled eggs are supposed to look like.  And if your family is anything like mine, you make more than a dozen (6 eggs cut in half) eggs at a shot, you are going to have to buy at LEAST two boxes of these things because each box only gives you 6 "eggies".  And if you do feel the need to buy these silly things, dont look for them with the other "as seen on tv" items, they arent kept with them...they are kept in the refrigerator aisle next to the eggs of all places.

Just giving  you my honest reviews here, folks...I know in this economy, I would hate to see you waste your money on these, there are plenty of other great "as seen on tv" items out there...and rest assured, I will be posting more reviews on these items and plenty your money and bypass this item.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hey all...

I am not going to make this a very long post today, the wind is so bad here its like the power could go out at any time...we are supposed to be getting rain and snow today tomorrow and we shall see what happens.  I will be working on some reviews and recipes for you all, and will probably put some on here first thing in the morning....last nights meal and drink came out pretty darn good, very little leftovers, and what was leftover got had for breakfast this morning...pretty good stuff!  i havent heard back from anyone with any kind of ideas as to what you would like to see me write about...any ideas that you want to see, hear about, etc  I am even trying to get involved with pinterest but it is just not as user friendly as this blog I dont even know if I am going to bother with pinterest even tho i have loads of people following me over there, i havent really posted anything much...i would much rather post here till i learn more about pinterest and how it all works...

Hope you all have a great night...


Saturday, March 17, 2012


Happy St. Paddy's day to all my readers, family and friends...

What is everyone doing to celebrate the day today? What are you having for dinner? Are you going traditional or are you just going to do the every day type food?  As for us...soda bread, bangers and mash, salad, cinnabon swirl cake and an irish version of bubble tea...if anyone is interested i would happily post any or all of the recipes.

I have to say that I am sorry I havent been here to post but with having everyone in the house sick, trying to make apartment life more liveable for the short time we are going to be here (hopefully) and as bad as things have been with me, with the pain and fibromyalgia issues, having injections in my back, and feeling almost worthless at times...but I am trying to deal with fibrofog, and just trying to make it thru day to day without telling even my own family how bad i really feel...i dont want them to get down knowing there isnt anything they can really do to help me...they do all they can by helping me put things away and doing things around the house, knowing i am not supposed to bend, twist, lift anything over 30lbs, or do anything to exert myself, it is such a drag for me because this isnt who i am....i dont like not being able to do the things i like to do, or stand for as long as i used to or walk as much as i used to ...the pain and the tiredness sets in and i just cant keep up garth brooks sings "i'm much too young to feel this damned old" lol.

well our house is about half way thru the building process, we might be able to move in sometime in may...they goofed on the floor plans, changing things that we did not give them permission to change so they are going to have to fix these problems, and we have to wait for the loan to go thru and our credit score to go now its all on the bean counters, we have done everything we can do...i'm just dying to get out of this apartment, i hate being on the second floor, tho it does have its perks, like a fantastic view of the sandia mountains and a great view of the lights of the city at night, and a nice place to watch it snow and rain, and also we get all the heat since heat rises it stays nice and warm up here for the most part...the bad things are when you have bad backs and bad knees you start to feel like rapunzel because you dont want to go up and down the stairs all the time and be in constant pain...and worst of all is worst of all is when we do monthly shopping, having to drag all the groceries upstairs....thank God for Jr, he is such a blessing and a big help...he helps me in ways he doesnt even realize, tho there are some times he does get me frustrated, but he is a boy, and he doesnt have his own room right now so he has to keep his stuff in various places, but trying to get it thru his head that he cant leave his stuff EVERYWHERE lol.  My mom should be thankful she had a girl and not a boy she would have been driven crazy a lot sooner! lol

I know the last time I posted i said i would be giving you some business reviews, recipes, etc....but starting tomorrow you will have that....I would start today but i still have a lot of cooking/baking to do for st paddy's tomorrow if any one is interested i will post the recipes, if  not, i will just post the business reviews and product reviews i have for you...and trust me i have lots to say...good and bad...keep  your eyes peeled, and please, if you have something you want to see here, please please please, do not hesitate to let me know.  And by all means, please tell your family and friends about my my humble little blog, i need all the readership i can get, and please have them sign up to follow me, it will help me become more marketable to businesses that wish to use me for testing, reviewing and blogging about new products, and services, and new businesses that may wish a little free publicity and advertising.......the more readers and followers i have here on m blog,  it makes me a hotter commodity for them.  So if you like what i do post here, please make your comments, tell your friends, family and co workers, etc....and who knows, maybe some of these businesses will choose me to host contests as i have in the past......

well I best get to making my making my soda bread and my cake or we wont have those goodies for dinner and dessert tonight...I will be talking atcha tomorrow my dear readers, rest assured here wont be so far between posts, but bear with me and please understand that I will have my bad days so i wont be able to post every single day but i will do far better than i have in the past....and thanks for being there for me and having faith in me and not leaving when you didnt hear from me...

Happy St. Paddy's day, and may you have all the luck of the Irish, even if you dont have a drop of Irish blood in ya, except for this one day per year!  Eat to your heart's content today/tonight...have a pint or two of ale or green beer...but do it safely and have a designated driver or drink it from safe out there and my Irish prayers will be with ya!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Well, lots has happened since I last wrote.  We got a 3 day pay or quit notice from one of the owners of the house we were living in since we moved to new mexico.  Which, we had no intention of paying since we were told by the other owner not to  pay the rent for the past two months because he wanted the house to go to foreclosure, since they were getting a divorce....their problem not ours, right? Wrong....we were then served with a ten day notice to get out of the house...real good, where were we going to go in that short of time, so that meant put everything we possibly could in storage, and find an apartment, which is what we did...unfortunately we left about half our belongings behind because we just ran out of time and didnt have anyone to help us move.  For two days we did have members of our church help us and we had a moving truck for one day...everything else we had to do ourselves using our little subaru to move everything...Sure I could sit and cry about some of the things that were left behind, but material things can be replaced for the most part, sure it will take time, but we are having a new house built for us, which will be completed in May, supposedly...ground has been broken, pipes have been layed and cement should be poured this it is progressing right along...they didnt let the snow slow them down yesterday, they had the backhoe in place when hubby and jr drove past it in the morning yesterday on the way to school.   I cant wait till its all done and we can move in.  I just hate the idea of those other owners getting everything that we worked so long to collect, that belonged to my grandparents, and that i have been collecting since i was a baby, and jrs toys and some of our furniture and clothing and various other things that got left ....knowing that they can make a small fortune on what we left behind.  But I am just going to look forward, ask God to cleanse my heart of the anger i feel towards them, and just leave it behind....move on and dont look back, no matter how hard that is to do.  I keep telling myself that it is just Gods way of saying we had too much junk and its time to start anew, and dont feel sad over material things, that dont matter. 

Now it is time to heal and relax....even tho we are in an apartment, and we hate apartment life, we can make due for 5 months.  The apartment is nice, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom (thats the only hard part, we all have to share a bathroom).   Very spacious compared to what we had in california and lots cheaper.  the only problem was they told us we had a downstairs apartment, but when we got here to sign the paperwork they changed their story and we were stuck with an upstairs apartment....oh well, at least no one will be walking the floors above us like in california, but its a real pain on our backs and knees going up and down the stairs doesnt leave the house, it would be too dangerous for her to go up and down those stairs for exercise...and its too much for my back and knees to handle so i just stay inside for the most part except to go to the doctor or shopping...just the necessary stuff since we have everything we need from the house  moved here that isnt in storage.  I have my writing supplies and a little craft supplies, enough to keep me busy, and i still volunteer to do the grading of papers and tests for the teachers at cielo azul (our son's school).

Jr took a test to see if he was considered gifted, well he didnt pass the test, he missed it by one that is close enough to tell me he is gifted and that may be why he is having problems in school, he is bored, and acting out because he craves the attention and he isnt being challenged enough.  We are contemplating holding him back a year because the teacher he has just isnt right for him, he doesnt teach properly, and it was a mistake to even put him in that class...jr doesnt do well with a lot of noise and he was put into a group that is basically one of the noisiest in the it causes his grades to go down because he cant concentrate.  In the lower grades he actually was allowed to wear gun mufflers to kill the sound of people around him, but somehow i dont think they would allow that in school now at his age, tho earplugs might be an option...but school is already half over so no point in starting something new now.  if he is kept back a year we will start things like that at the beginning of the school year.  Next year we know who we want as his teacher and it most certainly wont be the same teacher he had this year.

Well I am going to close this for now, dont want to bore the hell out of you all, just wanted to let you know some of what has been going on so you didnt think i abandoned you all.  I will be posting some reviews and recipes later on within the next day or two, so keep an eye out.....and if you are a vendor and are reading this, I am still open to testing out your products and posting reviews here on my blog...and possibly even put your banner here on my blog page if your products are good enough and I trust them.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

talk about a roller coaster

I know it has been a while since I wrote a blog post and thats not good for someone whos trying to be a professional and trying to get companies to send product for me to review, but here's the scoop:
We went from the highest of highs, when we put our down payment on a house to be built for us, and everything has basically been approved and put thru...just have to go pick out the carpeting, laminate, tile, etc on monday.  Sounds great right, no one has ever lived in this house before, it hasnt even been built yet, it is still just a plot of land.  But we already have the floor plan and it is utterly fantastic, everything I have ever wanted in a house for the most part.  Besides it will be OURS...we can fix it up as we see fit.  And a fantastic place to raise our family and entertain our friends.  It is a quiet neighbourhood, and what a great name of a street...."desert paintbrush"  how neat does that sound??  That was the highest of highs, then later that day we get hit by a ton of bricks when the owner of the house we presently occupy comes to us with a three day pay or quit notice or get out in 10 negotiations.  Illegal as hell, I know that for a fact, being as i am a former legal secretary.  The document she handed us was totally non legit, but we cant prove it without going thru a lawyer and thats an expense we cant incur right now....we just need to pack this entire house up and get out in 7 days now.  Everything packed, into storage and then get us all into an apartment....for the 4 months it will take to build our home.  We just cant believe that someone who is supposedly a devout christian would do this, after we treated them as extended family.  This just really has everyones emotions in knots, the whole roller coaster...but at least we are all together, as a family and going thru this together.  It will only succeed in bringing us closer to our faith, to God and closer as a family...and thats what really matters.

We are taking our computers with us, beds, food, and bare basics to live in the apartment for 4 months.  We will make it but it is going to be very please keep us in your prayers and send us good thoughts, we need all we can get right now.

I will be keeping up on my blog posts once we are into the apartment on the 19th, since i wont have much to do otherwise I wont be able to volunteer at the school except as i do now, grading papers and tests from home, which is great for me, at least i can help a little.  And after this move, my back will be so trashed from doing everything i am not supposed to do after surgery, i will probably be down for a month trying to recover enough to be ready to move again when the house is finally built. 

Christmas was quiet, blessed and filled with family and good food of years we got to entertain more friends and family, and we got to invite someone we have adopted as part of our extended family, we met on freecycle lol, heck of a place to meet, but we became fast friends, and we ended up being even more than that, she has basically become our son's third grandma, and a very dear friend to us.  She is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet...of the three grandmas in our family, shes the middle one, and just as loved as if she was blood kin, her name is Nancy, and she is just a fantastic woman, I admire her to no ends.

Well, I guess i better get back to it, and back to packing, So if you see a little break in my posting, now you know why.  But as of the 19th or thereabouts, you will see me posting lots more...more recipes, reviews, etc. 

God bless, one and all, now and throughout the new year