Good morning everyone, yup I'm back as I promised.  Had a great birthday on June 29th, we went to dinner, will tell more about that in another post. First we went to the matinee of a movie we had all been dying to see..."Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter".  The movie was fantastic, we saw it in real D 3D.  It was like you were in the movie and it surrounded you.  I admit, there was some pretty gruesome segments to the movie, its not really for small children under the age of 12.  The storyline was awesome, it followed Abraham Lincoln from childhood up thru the day of his death (they dont show him actually getting killed).
But it shows him being protective of those that were slaves and were his friends(as a child). And it shows why and how he became a vampire hunter.  I won't give away the whole movie.  The action is fantastic, the costuming is wonderful, the only thing that was a little odd to me is that they paid so much attention to Abraham Lincoln's makeup thru the years, but those around him don't seem to age, his wife and friend seem to stay the same age with just a touch of grey in their hair...granted, the movie is supposed to be about Abe Lincoln, but you have to pay attention to the small details, too, because there are those of us, like me, that really pay attention to detail.  The special effects were awesome as well.  The train scene was so realistic and has you on the edge of your seat!  I highly recommend this movie....assuming you can get past the blood and gore, but there isnt enough of that to ruin the great movie.  Granted there are some parts of the story that were a little off, for those of us horror afficionados, we know what kills vampires and it isnt what they were using, but if you can also get past that, you really will enjoy this movie.  So go grab a big bucket of popcorn and a drink, and have fun with it! 


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