Happy St. Paddy's day to all my readers, family and friends...

What is everyone doing to celebrate the day today? What are you having for dinner? Are you going traditional or are you just going to do the every day type food?  As for us...soda bread, bangers and mash, salad, cinnabon swirl cake and an irish version of bubble tea...if anyone is interested i would happily post any or all of the recipes.

I have to say that I am sorry I havent been here to post but with having everyone in the house sick, trying to make apartment life more liveable for the short time we are going to be here (hopefully) and as bad as things have been with me, with the pain and fibromyalgia issues, having injections in my back, and feeling almost worthless at times...but I am trying to deal with fibrofog, and just trying to make it thru day to day without telling even my own family how bad i really feel...i dont want them to get down knowing there isnt anything they can really do to help me...they do all they can by helping me put things away and doing things around the house, knowing i am not supposed to bend, twist, lift anything over 30lbs, or do anything to exert myself, it is such a drag for me because this isnt who i am....i dont like not being able to do the things i like to do, or stand for as long as i used to or walk as much as i used to ...the pain and the tiredness sets in and i just cant keep up garth brooks sings "i'm much too young to feel this damned old" lol.

well our house is about half way thru the building process, we might be able to move in sometime in may...they goofed on the floor plans, changing things that we did not give them permission to change so they are going to have to fix these problems, and we have to wait for the loan to go thru and our credit score to go now its all on the bean counters, we have done everything we can do...i'm just dying to get out of this apartment, i hate being on the second floor, tho it does have its perks, like a fantastic view of the sandia mountains and a great view of the lights of the city at night, and a nice place to watch it snow and rain, and also we get all the heat since heat rises it stays nice and warm up here for the most part...the bad things are when you have bad backs and bad knees you start to feel like rapunzel because you dont want to go up and down the stairs all the time and be in constant pain...and worst of all is worst of all is when we do monthly shopping, having to drag all the groceries upstairs....thank God for Jr, he is such a blessing and a big help...he helps me in ways he doesnt even realize, tho there are some times he does get me frustrated, but he is a boy, and he doesnt have his own room right now so he has to keep his stuff in various places, but trying to get it thru his head that he cant leave his stuff EVERYWHERE lol.  My mom should be thankful she had a girl and not a boy she would have been driven crazy a lot sooner! lol

I know the last time I posted i said i would be giving you some business reviews, recipes, etc....but starting tomorrow you will have that....I would start today but i still have a lot of cooking/baking to do for st paddy's tomorrow if any one is interested i will post the recipes, if  not, i will just post the business reviews and product reviews i have for you...and trust me i have lots to say...good and bad...keep  your eyes peeled, and please, if you have something you want to see here, please please please, do not hesitate to let me know.  And by all means, please tell your family and friends about my my humble little blog, i need all the readership i can get, and please have them sign up to follow me, it will help me become more marketable to businesses that wish to use me for testing, reviewing and blogging about new products, and services, and new businesses that may wish a little free publicity and advertising.......the more readers and followers i have here on m blog,  it makes me a hotter commodity for them.  So if you like what i do post here, please make your comments, tell your friends, family and co workers, etc....and who knows, maybe some of these businesses will choose me to host contests as i have in the past......

well I best get to making my making my soda bread and my cake or we wont have those goodies for dinner and dessert tonight...I will be talking atcha tomorrow my dear readers, rest assured here wont be so far between posts, but bear with me and please understand that I will have my bad days so i wont be able to post every single day but i will do far better than i have in the past....and thanks for being there for me and having faith in me and not leaving when you didnt hear from me...

Happy St. Paddy's day, and may you have all the luck of the Irish, even if you dont have a drop of Irish blood in ya, except for this one day per year!  Eat to your heart's content today/tonight...have a pint or two of ale or green beer...but do it safely and have a designated driver or drink it from safe out there and my Irish prayers will be with ya!


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