Hello again...well as I promised, I would be back again for you today...

Hope you liked the review from yesterday, because here comes another one.  Again it is an as seen on tv product, and once again it is NOT a positive review.  Well where do i start with this one...The product is called the "slap chop".   I am sure you have all seen this one on TV, seems like the best thing since sliced bread, trust me, it isnt.    Sure they make it look like it comes apart so easily, and it does, the biggest problem?  Trying to put it back together properly and safely.  I mainly got this product for our son, so that he could help me in the kitchen since he loves to cook and bake with me.  And every time I saw this product advertised, it sounded better and better rather than have him use a knife he could use the slap chop and problem solved...right? WRONG.  Sure, it came apart just as easy as they showed on the ad, but did anyone ever see them try and put it back together after it was washed and used?  No, and now I know why, the product did not go back together the same way it came apart.  Not to mention the fact that the item was razor sharp, and anyones fingers could have been easily gashed while trying to put this thing back together.  I tried for over an hour to get the pieces to go back the way they came apart, and it never happened...just when I thought I had it, I let our son try using it, and it all flew apart, which could have easily sliced his fingers off completely the way it flew apart!....The instructions were poorly written, it never showed how to put it back together, you were virtually on your own once you bought the damned thing.  Needless to say I immediately threw the item in the trash even tho it was brand new and had been used only twice while trying to put it back together and use it properly.    So, don't waste your money or your safety by buying this piece of garbage...I would rather buy the chopper that the host threw in the sink over the one that he was advertising for.  Whatever you do, do NOT buy the slap chop and if you do, whatever you do, do NOT let your child use this item and be very careful if you choose to use it yourself....

Thus far, the only thing worthwhile out of that particular company was the sham wow products...but that is another review...

Are new as seen on tv products making me cynical, you better believe it, it seems the old way is always best...I am extremely careful as to what I buy these days that I see on TV...Like the old saying goes "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". 


  1. Thanks for the review–I think those TV pitches sometimes make things look a lot better than they really are, as you found out with this item!

  2. thanks... I still can't believe I bought the turbo cooker!!
    I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.


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