Hello my friends, followers and family...

I wanted to make a quick post just to give you a short heads up for the moment.  You all know we have been going thru some crazy times this year.  In January we were kicked out of the home we had been renting since we moved here to New Mexico, thanks to the owners deciding they were going to get a divorce.  Most of our belongings got left behind in the move because we had no professional help and we were given a very short time to get everything out and into storage. 

Then we moved into an apartment, which was supposed to be a two bedroom downstairs apartment...when we got here to sign paperwork for the apartment we found out it was going to be a two bedroom upstairs apartment.  It has reminded me of how much I hate apartment life.

We had kept our hopes alive of owning that house that we had built for us, but thanks to the VA wanting a 620 or better credit score, it just wasnt happening so we had to let our dream house go away...at least for now.  We havent given up totally but at least for a couple of years we are going to stay here in the apartment complex and save up money and try again.  But for now we have decided to move into a two bedroom downstairs...you got it, the one that we had originally been scheduled to move into...  That is going to happen in December.  So we are all looking forward to that.  It will mean less painful shopping days where we wont have to drag several loads of groceries up the stairs, and all the wear and tear on our bodies. 

You may remember I was hospitalized in May for Scarlett Fever...and almost didnt make it out of the hospital alive...well Jr had surgery the day after his bday (september 27th) and hes doing just fine...had his tonsils and adenoids out.  He missed a horrible amount of school but hes got some great teachers and staff that are working with to get him caught up and getting his grades up to where they are supposed to be, at least in the passing range.

I had surgery two weeks ago (October 18th) on the nasal/sinus polyps that I have been suffering with for the past 10+years.  I can finally breathe thru my nose, taste and smell how wonderful food is once again!!  The old saying rings true, you dont know what you have till its gone...and you dont know how precious that gift really is.  Don't take anything for granted because one day you may be without it like i was...and its a living nightmare....your senses are a precious gift, be aware of the beauty around you, the scents of nature, the scent of a baby's skin, the flowers of springtime, the fresh mown grass...the flavours all around you, the spiciness of fall with its pumpkin pie spices and the scent and taste of fresh baked bread and the flavours of Thanksgiving and Christmas...And never take your friends and family for granted because you may lose them in the deal as well...I almost did not make it out of the hospital this time, they found out I no longer have the pulmonary emboli, but they also could not regulate my breathing so I was kept in ICU for three days!! 

But I am back!!  And I have LOTS to blog about , new restaurants that we have tried, new foods, new drinks, new products, etc...so keep your eyes on my blog and you will get to read all kinds of neat things from me...I have missed you all!!  Please dont hesitate to comment, offer suggestions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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