Well, lots has happened since I last wrote.  We got a 3 day pay or quit notice from one of the owners of the house we were living in since we moved to new mexico.  Which, we had no intention of paying since we were told by the other owner not to  pay the rent for the past two months because he wanted the house to go to foreclosure, since they were getting a divorce....their problem not ours, right? Wrong....we were then served with a ten day notice to get out of the house...real good, where were we going to go in that short of time, so that meant put everything we possibly could in storage, and find an apartment, which is what we did...unfortunately we left about half our belongings behind because we just ran out of time and didnt have anyone to help us move.  For two days we did have members of our church help us and we had a moving truck for one day...everything else we had to do ourselves using our little subaru to move everything...Sure I could sit and cry about some of the things that were left behind, but material things can be replaced for the most part, sure it will take time, but we are having a new house built for us, which will be completed in May, supposedly...ground has been broken, pipes have been layed and cement should be poured this weekend...so it is progressing right along...they didnt let the snow slow them down yesterday, they had the backhoe in place when hubby and jr drove past it in the morning yesterday on the way to school.   I cant wait till its all done and we can move in.  I just hate the idea of those other owners getting everything that we worked so long to collect, that belonged to my grandparents, and that i have been collecting since i was a baby, and jrs toys and some of our furniture and clothing and various other things that got left ....knowing that they can make a small fortune on what we left behind.  But I am just going to look forward, ask God to cleanse my heart of the anger i feel towards them, and just leave it behind....move on and dont look back, no matter how hard that is to do.  I keep telling myself that it is just Gods way of saying we had too much junk and its time to start anew, and dont feel sad over material things, that dont matter. 

Now it is time to heal and relax....even tho we are in an apartment, and we hate apartment life, we can make due for 5 months.  The apartment is nice, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom (thats the only hard part, we all have to share a bathroom).   Very spacious compared to what we had in california and lots cheaper.  the only problem was they told us we had a downstairs apartment, but when we got here to sign the paperwork they changed their story and we were stuck with an upstairs apartment....oh well, at least no one will be walking the floors above us like in california, but its a real pain on our backs and knees going up and down the stairs ....mom doesnt leave the house, it would be too dangerous for her to go up and down those stairs for exercise...and its too much for my back and knees to handle so i just stay inside for the most part except to go to the doctor or shopping...just the necessary stuff since we have everything we need from the house  moved here that isnt in storage.  I have my writing supplies and a little craft supplies, enough to keep me busy, and i still volunteer to do the grading of papers and tests for the teachers at cielo azul (our son's school).

Jr took a test to see if he was considered gifted, well he didnt pass the test, he missed it by one point...so that is close enough to tell me he is gifted and that may be why he is having problems in school, he is bored, and acting out because he craves the attention and he isnt being challenged enough.  We are contemplating holding him back a year because the teacher he has just isnt right for him, he doesnt teach properly, and it was a mistake to even put him in that class...jr doesnt do well with a lot of noise and he was put into a group that is basically one of the noisiest in the class...so it causes his grades to go down because he cant concentrate.  In the lower grades he actually was allowed to wear gun mufflers to kill the sound of people around him, but somehow i dont think they would allow that in school now at his age, tho earplugs might be an option...but school is already half over so no point in starting something new now.  if he is kept back a year we will start things like that at the beginning of the school year.  Next year we know who we want as his teacher and it most certainly wont be the same teacher he had this year.

Well I am going to close this for now, dont want to bore the hell out of you all, just wanted to let you know some of what has been going on so you didnt think i abandoned you all.  I will be posting some reviews and recipes later on within the next day or two, so keep an eye out.....and if you are a vendor and are reading this, I am still open to testing out your products and posting reviews here on my blog...and possibly even put your banner here on my blog page if your products are good enough and I trust them.


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