talk about a roller coaster

I know it has been a while since I wrote a blog post and thats not good for someone whos trying to be a professional and trying to get companies to send product for me to review, but here's the scoop:
We went from the highest of highs, when we put our down payment on a house to be built for us, and everything has basically been approved and put thru...just have to go pick out the carpeting, laminate, tile, etc on monday.  Sounds great right, no one has ever lived in this house before, it hasnt even been built yet, it is still just a plot of land.  But we already have the floor plan and it is utterly fantastic, everything I have ever wanted in a house for the most part.  Besides it will be OURS...we can fix it up as we see fit.  And a fantastic place to raise our family and entertain our friends.  It is a quiet neighbourhood, and what a great name of a street...."desert paintbrush"  how neat does that sound??  That was the highest of highs, then later that day we get hit by a ton of bricks when the owner of the house we presently occupy comes to us with a three day pay or quit notice or get out in 10 negotiations.  Illegal as hell, I know that for a fact, being as i am a former legal secretary.  The document she handed us was totally non legit, but we cant prove it without going thru a lawyer and thats an expense we cant incur right now....we just need to pack this entire house up and get out in 7 days now.  Everything packed, into storage and then get us all into an apartment....for the 4 months it will take to build our home.  We just cant believe that someone who is supposedly a devout christian would do this, after we treated them as extended family.  This just really has everyones emotions in knots, the whole roller coaster...but at least we are all together, as a family and going thru this together.  It will only succeed in bringing us closer to our faith, to God and closer as a family...and thats what really matters.

We are taking our computers with us, beds, food, and bare basics to live in the apartment for 4 months.  We will make it but it is going to be very please keep us in your prayers and send us good thoughts, we need all we can get right now.

I will be keeping up on my blog posts once we are into the apartment on the 19th, since i wont have much to do otherwise I wont be able to volunteer at the school except as i do now, grading papers and tests from home, which is great for me, at least i can help a little.  And after this move, my back will be so trashed from doing everything i am not supposed to do after surgery, i will probably be down for a month trying to recover enough to be ready to move again when the house is finally built. 

Christmas was quiet, blessed and filled with family and good food of years we got to entertain more friends and family, and we got to invite someone we have adopted as part of our extended family, we met on freecycle lol, heck of a place to meet, but we became fast friends, and we ended up being even more than that, she has basically become our son's third grandma, and a very dear friend to us.  She is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet...of the three grandmas in our family, shes the middle one, and just as loved as if she was blood kin, her name is Nancy, and she is just a fantastic woman, I admire her to no ends.

Well, I guess i better get back to it, and back to packing, So if you see a little break in my posting, now you know why.  But as of the 19th or thereabouts, you will see me posting lots more...more recipes, reviews, etc. 

God bless, one and all, now and throughout the new year


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