Hello to all my family and friends...and readers,

Please forgive my absence but it seems there has been illness after illness in this house...first jr comes home from school with scarlet fever, and proceeds to give it to me, well he can take antibiotics but I can't, so I had to let it run its course.  Well just when I started feeling better, I had a horrendous relapse and got so weak I couldn't even walk so hubby called 911 and they carted me off to the ER.  That was loads of fun. After running a gamut of tests the doctor came in and told us that it looked like someone had shot me in the chest with buckshot, he said I had dozens of bb size blood clots in my lungs, and they had no idea how I got them, because no one in my family had them, at least not on my mothers side of the family, I dont know anything about my father's side of the family so I told them I had no idea about that.  So I ended up in the hospital for almost a week, and they now have me on a blood thinner that I really have to watch what I eat, I can't travel for at least two months or until I get stabilized with this medication, etc.  At least hubby and jr came to visit me every day after school...I am feeling a little better now, still weak, I can't stand for long periods, and I have no appetite at all, I could go for days without eating and it wouldn't even bother me...well I am doing good at losing weight lol.

But I am back now, and I will post more recipes, reviews, etc...but bear with me ....I do have LOTS of great things to write about, just give me a little time, you won't regret it and I may even have a contest coming up...more on this later.

Love you all


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