hmmm whats that song called..."windy"

I dont know how windy it got last night but it was really bad, so bad that it actually had jr so scared that he slept in my arms until the wind blew my lead crystal vase off the windowsill...thank god no dishes or the vase itself was broken.  But outside, our umbrella, cast iron/glass table was thrown across the garden along with chairs, birdbath and various other things, it was awful....i finally got jr back to sleep but it took a long time, the wind was literally howling like a banshee...kept me awake most of the night.  So today I woke up with a worse backache and headache and allergies.  Thankfully my garden wasnt damaged, I would have hated to go thru all that work just to have my garden destroyed. We have a huge garden almost as big as the house itself, so I am growing all kinds of flowers, fruit, veggies, etc.   And we are grassing in one section of the yard to "play in" and jr has one segment of the yard that i all sand and that area houses his swing set.  he also plays with his cars, trucks and action figures in the same area.

Right in front of his sandbox area I have my garden of corn and across the walkway from it i have ornamental gourds which will be nice to bring in some extra money once they are dried and decorated and turned into bird houses and such. I will start posting pictures of my crafts on here in case anyone wants to buy them or knows anyone that does want to buy them. Anyone that knows me on facebook has probably already seen my folder of pictures of all my crafts and such.


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