I received two Bic 4 colour pens from Smiley360...all I can say is WOW...I use the pen for volunteering at school grading papers and tests and various other projects, which made the teachers extremely happy since now I have more than one colour to grade with and I also do artwork for a tattoo parlour and having this pen really makes a difference in showing what a tattoo would look like finished because it has the colours that I would be using to do the actual tattoo. Let me tell you, there were some very jealous individuals(teachers and tattoo individuals) who were seriously wanting my my pen, so i found where they were being sold and I know they rushed right out and bought several of them and you saved us so much money because now we dont have to buy all these colours of pens seperately which really took money away from other projects...but now its all falling into place and you made some people very very happy. I know I am going out to buy even more of these, I adore these pens, they flow instead of blot and smear...wonderful!! fantastic!! ....how many words can I possibly use to describe such an awesome product.... i cant wait to see what smiley is gonna send out next for me to try out and review and then blog about....always like Christmas when I see a package coming in the mail from them even tho I generally know what the item is, because I signed up for the mission lol!!  

There will be plenty more reviews to put in here soon, but we just moved so I am still unpacking.....and as soon as I unpack my notes, I will have a whole lot more to put on here...keep your eyes peeled for more goodies!!


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