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Well yesterday was a productive day.  Spent most of the day baking, which meant a lot of bending and stooping so it had my back in knots, but it was worth it.  I tried out a new recipe...I wanted to make snack packs for my son, since he has testing for the next two weeks at school, and the snacks will give him that added boost of energy to get his mind engaged.  Anyway, i found this unique recipe, maple glazed bacon chocolate chip cookies.  yup sounds gross, right?  They are actually really very popular in certain restaurants in the south and midwest, so I decided to make them.   They turned out awesome.  Light, delicate and a very uniquely different flavour.  Everyone loved them.   For those who are interested,  I will post the recipe within the next couple of days. 

Had our Parent advisory council meeting last night, which was very informative, plus I also got to remind the parents that hubby and i are both in the transportation committee as well and that if anyone had questions, comments, ideas or whatever, that they can bring them up to me, and that went over very well with the other parents.  It was just a pity that so few parents showed up for the meeting, we really need to do something to get more parents involved to the point of actually showing up for these meetings.  I enjoy being involved and I get more involved with each passing meeting...and I like knowing I am making the effort and that I make a difference and in being involved, it helps benefit these kids.  The way I look at it, if you give these kids a positive experience in school, they will want to keep learning, they wont want to miss school, they will see that the school is really worthwhile.  And if you instill that idea into the kids, the tardy/absenteeism problem will be reduced....

We will just have to wait and see.  Lots of interesting things still planned for this school year.  Hard to believe the school year is almost over and Jr will be heading to 5th grade....treasure your children while they are small, they grow up so fast!  I used to hear that all the time but now I see how true that really is. 

I am just so glad that we are as close as we are and that hes not one of these kids who doesnt want to be seen with his mom or doesnt like his mom giving him a kiss in front of his friends, etc.  We have fun together, whether it is reading, or gardening or cooking....we love spending time together..and doing things together.  He has his daddy time and he has his mommy time and he has his parents time....and that is important in these formative years.

Ok well enough babbling for one day, today I am going to be busy shopping, taking the dog back to the shelter being as my mother cant take care of herself much less this dog, and i am sure someone else could give this dog a better home.  Have some housework to do, which we will have to see how much i can get done by the time i get home...never a dull moment lol


  1. I'm really looking forward to that cookie recipe! Doesn't sound at all gross to me--of course, I love peanut butter and bacon sandwiches!


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