Well, here I am, y'all....I am still alive and kicking...the first week of school is finally over and Jr is absolutely loving his three new teachers  He did get the main teacher he wanted so that made everyone happy...he actually has 3teachers, I guess they are getting him ready for middle school/junior having each subject run by a different teacher.  But no matter what, hes loving it and thats all that matters.  Hopefully he wont have any melt downs this year...but i dont think he will have that problem this year...these teachers are much different than before, sadly I still blame the teachers in California for a lot of his current problems.  But he is slowly getting out of it.  He didnt have so many last year and he had the proper help he needed which he never got in California, they would always try to blame his problems on his homelife rather than getting to the real root of the problem.....

I just cant believe summer is over and fall is almost time of year, i have a really good feeling about having an early snow this year, like we did our first year here...we had our first snow on october 16th!!.  It is supposed to be our monsoon season right now but we have had very little rain last night was about the most rain we have had since the start of monsoon rained all night instead of a spritz here and there and most would evaporate before it hit the is supposed to be thundershowers all week long next week, so we shall see.

Jr already has a sore throat and we dont know if i gave it to him or he gave it to me, neither of us feels well, i think mine is mainly stress related...try dealing with my mother for more than one day and you will see how you feel.  I feel sorry for her, she has alzheimers and is on all kinds of medication for it and i never know how she is going to act from one day to the next...i mean one day she is lucid and goes out of her way to help, and the next day she goes out of her way to be a pain in my back side by doing everything she isnt supposed to do, so its hit or miss, that is why I am doing m best to just deal with it daily, it isnt easy, but what choice do i have?  It is hit or miss literally.  And  now with me being diagnosed with fibromyalgia on top of everything else i already have, I know it is mainly stress related but that doesnt cure the problem or even help it or anything else. stress is stress and with the pain i deal with daily, the work i have to do to keep this house running, trying to teach jr the things he will need to know as he gets older, and with moms issues....and now we are trying to buy a house due to the problems going on with the managers who own this house that we live in now...we have decided to try and buy our own house but we found out that I have a tax lien of  $4000 that i have to clear up before we can move forward on buying a new house, but its a matter of getting  that kind of money together with the income we have being unable to work for the most part and the same goes for hubby, he does what he can, and thats all that matters.  it is just going to take time and patience..

Well I am going to close this blog for now, keep reading tho, I have a whole bunch of new blogs to post, bear with me, i have lots of reviews lots of recipes and so forth.....keep it tuned right here, same bat time, same bat channel, damn, im showing my age again lol...

Love you all


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