A not so unique experience

My son and  I thought we would spend some quality time together, so while shopping at our local hobby shop, we saw this interesting packet in the science area of the store.  The packet read "TRIOPS from the age of dinosaurs".  Well this piqued our interest, so we brought home a packet and started preparing to raise our own "dinosaurs".  It sounded like fun, until you open the packet and read all of what is entailed in raising these "critters". 

Initially, it seemed like a pretty inexpensive little endeavor, and it looked like fun...till you read the instructions inside the package, beyond what was written on the outside of the package.  Lets put it this way, it would be cheaper raising goldfish!  Don't waste your money on this project...because you will end up spending well over $20 to "raise" your triops, and then and only then, after you have everything bought and set up and have the eggs in place and wait the required amount of time, do you find out that you are now raising a tank full of water.....nothing more. 

We tried two separate packets of these critters and got the same results...NOTHING.  No triops ever hatched, even after following the instructions implicitly.  This whole thing was one big expensive mistake.  Don't waste your time if you see this on the shelf and you think it looks like fun....I mean unless you have $50 to flush down the toilet when all is said and done.  Well, you could always look on the bright side and start  terrarium or some such other project.  

The company is called "Triops, Inc", and the packet price is $5.99 not counting all the supplies you need before you can even start.


  1. Sorry I haven't been over here in awhile. Looks as if we have a lot of catching up to do.

    This sounds like either a rip-off or else the company accidentally sold some bad eggs.

    Did you take anything back to the store to try to get a refund? How about writing to the company?

    My cousin and her son raised some of those sea monkeys they were always advertising several years ago.

    When I was little, we ordered an ant farm (ants included). The problem was that the company didn't pack them with Indiana winter taken into consideration, so, by the time we got them out of the mailbox, most of them had frozen to death, and the two or three that hadn't died soon afterwards.


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