I am sorry i have  not written much the last few days, but have been having some real bad pain days, so sitting in front of the computer for any length of time is causing me a lot of pain.   Tho while I am away from the computer, my dears, I have not forgotten you and I am writing long hand what I will be posting here over the next several days...I hope you will think it is worth the wait.   Love you all and can't wait to put more goodies out here for you to read and comment on.....

Hey...I havent heard from any of you, except my darling Ainsley of course, but like I told you all hundreds of times, this is YOUR blog too, tell me what you want to see and hear.   Do you want more reviews?  more pics? more recipes?  I am not a mind reader, tell me what you like...I will do my best to comply. 



  1. Keep up the great work! Sorry I haven't been around much, either, but I'm trying to take care of some family business. Should be finished by Friday. Hope you're feeling better by now!


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