Put a little spice in your life!

As many of you know, I do a lot of cooking and baking.  And when I do, I like to experiment with new flavours...especially big bold flavours, from all over the world not just food from the states.  Well, recently I was given some spices to try out.  I didnt expect much, because, to be honest, most spices here in the states are pretty bland and boring, and one is just as good as another...nothing special.  Well, let me tell you, these spices are different...The company is called Spice of Life, and they are located in Paso Robles, CA, which is my old stomping grounds from many years ago (more than I care to mention).  I was experimenting with some new recipes, namely my new shepherd's pie recipe and my coconut chicken fingers, when I decided to spice them up some by adding this fantastic blend of spices called "Cajun Sensation".  What a perfect blend this is!  Not too hot, not to bland...bold, lots of depth, not too salty..just right, just the way I wanted my Cajun spice to be.  I have a whole cabinet full of spices, and two or three bottles of cajun type spices which just sit there taking up space because either they are too salty or too spicy and just not the flavour I want in my cajun type foods.  I also added two other great spices that came from Lori's store, and that is her granulated garlic and red pepper flakes...just opening these bottles was a sensation from heaven, let me tell you!  The aroma was so fresh and not like it had sat forever on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere...this was like fresh chopped, dried red peppers and the garlic was as fresh as if I had chopped it myself!!

Let's put it this way, those old spices are no longer in my cabinet, they are now occupying space in my garbage can as I replaced them with this new spice blend from Spice of Life.  Everyone in the family loved the new blend, and friends were wondering where I got such a great spice...of course I had to give in and tell them...I couldnt keep this blend a secret!  Lori Foster and her gang at Spice of Life have lots of different blends based on what you are looking for...dont hesitate to drop on in to their store online at www.pasospices.com. 

And if that wasn't enough, they are also now selling teas of all types....I haven't had the pleasure of trying their teas yet, but if their teas are even remotely as good as their spices, I cant wait to try them!!  If you are looking for a gift for that person that has everything, or that special foodie in your life, I cant think of a better place to go shopping than at Lori's shop!!  The prices are outrageous!...what great deals!  And keep an eye out for them on Facebook as they have contests on a regular basis.  Trust me, it will make all the difference in your dishes when cooking...if you cook to impress, why not impress even more by using the RIGHT spices instead of picking something off a shelf in a mass marketed store, when you dont know how long ago it was processed?  Wouldn't you rather know where your spices are coming from and know that they are far freshers?  Give the Spice of Life a try...you won't be sorry.  And I will even post my recipes for you to try them out in...I have already posted my coconut chicken strips recipe, next up will be my shepherds pie recipe...which has become a new family favourite thank's to Lori Foster's spices!


  1. Hi Annamarie, Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with using Spice of Life spice blends. It's great to hear your input and opinions and am proud that you love recommending them to your family, friends and followers. Can't wait to try your recipes. Always up for different and new things to try in the kitchen. Thanks again, have a great day. Spicefully yours, Lori


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