review of bodycology's new hand sanitizer

Ever since I first saw the bodycology line at our local Walmart, I have been hooked.  They have a great line of products from lotions to all sorts of bath products.  On my latest shopping venture to Walmart, I noticed something new by bodycology and I immediately got drawn in.  Hand sanitizer.  This is a product I absolutely cannot do without, being as I work in an environment that is as germy as it gets....I work in an elementary school....hand sanitizer is a MUST HAVE.  And the bet thing of all, it iis not that awful alcohol smelling, skin drying stuff that is mainly on the market.  This comes in such great fragrances as Brown sugar vanilla and cucumber melon.  The scents follow along with their other bath and body products.  Another great feature of this product....the price.  A small, pocket size bottle of the hand sanitizer is only .99 cents! Perfect for my budget and I can even afford to buy a few extra's for the classroom.


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