coming attractions!!!

I know  you all love contests, especially when the chances are real good that you will win, right?  Well I have three companies who want me to host contests for is a photo book made with photos you have on your computer posted into a hardcover book....the shipping is free, and guess what, everyone on my blog wins...only one winner for the book but the rest get a percentage off of their purchase of the book.  I am being sent one of these books and i will blog on it and those who are interested will know one way or the other if it is worth it.   Second contest is personalized stickers...who doesnt like stickers?  do you do scrapbooking, snail mail letter writing, etc....this is going to be awesome...I will be posting this one shortly after i do the first contest, and thirdly another company is showing interest in having me review some of their products after I won a contest on facebook yesterday, and they are showing possible interest in doing a contest with me also here on my blog, its a fantastic company, they have great gift items, and with christmas right around the corner, we could use all the help we can get, right??

So keep your eyes open tonight or tomorrow morning and i will start the contests....good luck everyone!

Annamarie, this blogs mommy!!


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