Lions and tigers and scorpions OH MY!!

Well we are getting ready to move into a new home....we are buying a home and now comes the fun part, all the packing.  No biggie, its just a pain in the behind.  But that isnt what this post is all about....does anyone else have issues with scorpions being in their house/home?  What do you do to combat them?  I dont want to use full blown poisons or whatever in case we do get a I wanted to use something as natural as i can get.  We have had a lot of them lately....we never see them outside, but we have seen at least 6 of them inside the house lately...of varying size from half an inch to one as big as my hand.....that last one was last night and almost bit hubby, since he was sleeping on the floor and jr almost stepped on it, so i jumped up and took care of wasnt easy!!  They are so fast and you have to whack them several times before you actually kill them!!  I hate killing them i would rather just lay out some kind of repellant....i dont like killing anything if I can avoid it (except spiders, ants and cockroaches) thats another story....Does anyone have any ideas?



  1. Stopping by from the blog hop. Scorpions are very hard to kill. You need to get granules and spread them around your house on the outside. They will still come in but will be dead when you find them. I had that problem when I first moved into my home in the mountains. I hardly see them anymore. I am a new follower thru GFC and would love a follow back when you get the chance. Thanks so much and have a great night!



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