Here It Is, Folks:

Here is the first of what I hope will be many contests.  This contest is being brought to you by  The fifth person to come to me with the right answer to the question that I am about to post will win a photo album, put together by you, with your own photos, etc.  And not only will one person win this prize, everyone wins...everyone showing interest and wanting their own books, can put them together and they will get 20% off the price of their books.  When  you go to check out, after putting together your book, just type in the code Angel20.  This offer expires 8/15/2011.  Here is the question:  Where is Mixbook located (what is their physical address)?    Remember, the 5th person to come to me with the right answer will win this fantastic book.  I am starting this contest now :  7/17/2011 at 8:18 am and I will run it till 8:18am on 7/18/2011.  So hurry and get your responses in to me.  Good luck to #5!



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