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What can I say, if you know me, you know Im a California native (tho i dont always admit it), and to see the way i cook and eat you would think I was a southern girl.  I went shopping this weekend and saw something on the shelf that was unique to me, so I thought I would give it a shot.  The folks at Quaker  have put out a line of products called "Instant Grits" in various different flavours (according to the box anyway...the store of course only had the traditional butter flavour).

Well I got turned on to grits when my family went to Cracker Barrel for our favourite southern style breakfast.  The grits there are so smooth and creamy, that I literally fell in love with them.  So I figred that I would try something other than the usual oats or cereal or whatever, ....I knew I should have held out but they sounded so good....

I made them as per the directions on the box, and they were so salty I could barely eat them straight.  I used milk not water to mix it, and it didnt help much at all, we even tried mixing things in such as peanut butter in hubby's bowl...with cinnamon didnt help much, and it was too soupy.   I tried brown sugar with cinnamon and it wasnt too bad, it really cut the salt, but it was still too the time i let it set, to thicken up, it got too cold, so it was just a waste of time.

Don't get me wrong, I love Quaker products and I have never had one of their products fail like this on me, maybe it was a bad batch, or something.  I would like  to find the other flavours that they offer and try them to see if they are any different. 

Also, the texture to me was off putting...too grainy rather than smoothe and creamy.  It is a great concept that seemed to fall flat on its try at your own risk....


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