What can I say about this company?  What a great group of people, they sent out product for me to review an blog about.  All I can say is  that the girls looked fantastic for their "pre-halloween" performance.  Everyone was raving about their makeup, an of course, where did it come from?  BA STAR!!  The makeup  lasted all thru the performance, it didnt fade, it stayed bright and vibrant.  I was worried that it would smear or run, but it was perfect!   The girls loved it too!....The makeup did not irritate the girls skin, if anything, they looked much more put together and more professional than buying the garbage that the stores sell for far more expensive makeup.  We tried using what some stores were passing off as high quality makeup for this purpose, and it caused the girls' skin to break out and the makeup ran when they performed, it just was atrocious...but the BA STAR makeup will be my "go to" makeup from now on, and I am putting the word out to the other teams and other individuals,etc.   You all make some fantastic makeup.  I would love to be on the receiving end of any product you want someone to review and blog about. 


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