The other day my family and I went out to lunch, and we decided to go to Hong Kong Buffet.  We have been there before on many occasions, and have always had great food and great service.  Well, this day is unlike the rest.

We had gone out to walk around the mall, for exercise, mainly...and decided to stop at Hong Kong Buffet since we were that close to it.  We all have favourite foods we mainly aimed for, and we all ended up having a bad experience that day. 

My son immediately headed for the baked cheesy oysters, usually they are pretty good, this time they were just awful.  The cheese tasted and looked like cheese whiz, the oysters were cold and rubbery.  Not good.

Then it was my husbands turn, he went for his favourite enchiladas.  In his case, the enchiladas were cold and hard.  And there were several other items he picked up that ended up being a sad disappointment. 

As for me, I went for the jalapeno octopus...usually the octopus is tender and flavourful...this time there was virtually no flavour, the octopus itself was cold and rubbery, a clear sign it had been overcooked and not seasoned properly.  I had looked forward to some ice cream after our lunch was finished.  Well they had eight flavours of ice cream, which was great...but the major problem was none of the flavours were marked as to what they actually were.  This could actually pose a serious health threat.  Many people have food allergies like nuts, milk, various fruits, etc...well if you dont label your product there is a serious risk of a person with allergies picking something that could potentially send them to the hospital with anaphylactic shock.  And that could mean a huge lawsuit against Hong Kong Buffet. If that wasnt bad enough, this ice cream was self serve, hard packed ice cream...any child could go into it, they could sneeze into it, spit into it, put dirty hands into it, etc...there is usually a sign on self serve ice cream bins that say no children under 12  without being accompanied by a parent.  Most restaurants have gone to soft serve ice cream which is totally enclosed and no one has access to the product except what comes out when you pull the handle.

The service is always done with a smile, whether they are filling/refilling your drinks or clearing away used dishes, they always offer pleasant service.  But pleasant service is not going to make up for bad food or unmarked containers.   

My  rating of that day's experience ...definitely three thumbs down.  They are seriously going to have to improve on these issues before we plan a return trip.


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