Happy middle of the month Monday

Good morning to one and all- I hope this morning finds you in good health and good spirits....

This past weekend was a busy one...busted tail at my mother in law's house.  She moved back to Maryland about a month ago (without so much as saying goodbye to any of us), and her son came back to pack up what he could and leave the rest for whomever wanted it.  We did get a lot of things, which is great...wont have to buy canned goods and such for a long time.  And was able to save many of her collectibles...

Hubby, Jr and I really busted our behinds getting everything together that we wanted, and then packed up and taken home.  We just about collapsed when we got home!  I know hubby was hurting and tired, so was Jr...and my back, although it wasnt as bad as it normally would have been, but thanks to that last surgery wasnt as bad as I had anticipated, but it did feel like it was on fire and the muscles were all in knots....say hello to valerian root and a pain killer!

Yesterday, I took the time to start actually going thru the stuff we had grabbed, will do more today, plus I have a bunch of food items and sundries to put away, I don't relish the idea of being down on the floor to do it, but gotta do what needs to be done.

I plan to start posting tried and true recipes and pictures in the next several days...I hope you will like them. 

Guys and Gals, I really need your input, what kinds of things do you want to see in my blog? Recipes? Pictures? And if you want to see pictures, what kind...?  (Keep it clean, y'all!) Crafts? product and business reviews?  Just tell me and we will see what can be done.  Otherwise you can just listen to my boring days and rants.

Who caught the Nascar Cup race yesterday?  Bye Bye Jimmie!!  Could not have been happier to see Jimmie and Kyle Busch both go away....Was sad to see Mark Martin run out of gas three laps from the finish....I would have been all over that crew chief, thats for sure!  Come on Danica, you did so good in Indy car, why are you sucking so bad at Nascar?  Just because you are fully enclosed and you have a lot more protection in a Cup car, you shouldnt be so timid, you werent timid in Indy, so dont be timid in Cup...the good ol' boys network really wants to see you win, you gotta prove the Petty's wrong...now's the time to Cowgirl up, kiddo!! 

Yup, you guessed it, I am just a good ol' girl, I like Nascar, whiskey, shine and wine,  I am all into my family and friends, my home/family and God are the two most important things in my life, everything else is second.  I like dogs, gardening, cooking/baking, art and crafts, movies, music, makeup/nails, getting dolled up and going out or just staying in for a quiet night at home...tho when I do that, I am stuck with my mom, and anyone knowing about that situation knows how i feel....I love sitting on my porch watching the balloons as they go overhead, or sitting inside and watching the birds flock around my back yard.  Life makes me happy...and so much happier since I had my back surgery and I can fully enjoy life instead of spending most of it in agony lying in bed.  Thank you Dr Slaughter!  God bless that man and his family!!  And thank you to a fantastic Physical Therapist!  Now I just have to get my vision fixed and get in to an ENT to find out why I have no sense of smell or taste since I had nasal surgery last year!  It is hell being a cook/baker and having to rely on my son to tell me how my food tastes, but he is awesome at it, and I love spending time in the kitchen with him, teaching him everything I know.  He is the only gift I will ever need in this life....and that gift is the most precious anyone could have given me.

Well, I have rattled on long enough, I will get down to business and start posting reviews and recipes this week and we will go from there, still taking baby steps till I get used to blogging daily like most people do.


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