I'm back...

Ok, here we go...

Here is what is going to be happening....and what you can expect from me and my blog.  I have been helping other people start up their own blogs so mine kind of took a nosedive.  But I am back...in the best health I have known in years.

What you can expect from me is tried and true recipes, healthy and not so healthy new recipes, and how i tweak the recipes i make, to make them more healthy...trust me, it is not difficult.  I will be posting reviews on businesses, products, restaurants, etc.  If you send me questions, comments or ideas, you might see them answered or discussed here...and I will be adding ads for new businesses, etc. 

If you are a business and want to send me a product to review or offer as a giveaway, let's talk!  If I like your product I will even give you a little free  publicity right here on my blog by posting your "button" on my profile that will be a link back to your website if someone clicks on it.

I am even going to look into posting pictures on here.

So, tomorrow, I will be making my first official post on here since I got back out of the hospital...Look out world!!!


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