Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yes, dear readers, I am here...somewhat...

If you remember, I wrote, last, that I was taking care of a house full of sick family members...well, Junior is doing much better, an occasional sneeze here and there.  Hubby, well, he was doing better, but a quick change in the weather sent him back down to the bottom. As for me, I fought the good fight...but yesterday, going out to the parent teacher's conference yesterday (without a jacket) did me in.  Normally I am hot blooded and never wear a jacket, but this year turned from the dead of summer to the depths of fall in one days time...from 90 degree temps to mid 30s virtually overnight.  I am amazed not more people are turning up sick.  Yesterday, I went from feeling pretty good, like Junior I had an occasional sneeze, but nothing beyond that...last night, however, was a whole different story...I was sneezing like crazy, and coughing.  It made my back feel as if I had been kicked by a bull mule.  For those of you who aren't that familiar with me, I had reconstructive back surgery back in March. So, if you know anything about what back surgery feels like, you will know that sneezing will debilitate you instantly, faster than if  you had been shot by a gun.  And the major sneezing fits that I have been going thru has really put me flat on my back, literally.  At the moment I dont feel too awful bad, but I haven't started sneezing yet, and the day has not really started per se, it is still early.  I am still in agony from sneezing the past day and a half, so my pain meds will see the light of day quite often today I think.  I wish I was off these drugs, but days like today, make me happy I still have them at my beck and call.  I am not quite ready to drop the narcotics for the over the counter stuff just yet.

I will try and post some reviews and recipes a little later...let me get my go round of meds in my system first and get the day started and we will take baby steps from there.

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