adios balloons, hello new product review

Yesterday was the final day of balloon fiesta. It is going to be sad not seeing the skies flooded with balloons...almost like the nighttime skies are filled with stars, thats what it is like looking at the morning skies dotted with balloons.  Every shape and style and size imaginable.  If you have never  seen it before, you need to check out ...if it isnt on your bucket list yet, it is definitely something you need to add.

Here is a new product that is worth more than a second glance...when you next go shopping, and you are walking down the pasta aisle, check out a little blue bag on the shelf, put out by Cora Bella, this little package packs a wallop!  Mini Mezzaluna 4 cheese Ravioli.  They are dried tiny ravioli, that you put in water to rehydrate.  In ten to fifteen minutes, you have a fantastic main course for dinner.  Just add your own sauce and some grated parmesan cheese and serve it up.  Great for nights you want a quick meal or when you are just too tired to prepare a big meal.  The price is right also, it is only about $2.50 per bag. You seriously cant go wrong with this one!  Great for serving one or two people. I bought two bags and it quite handily served 4 people. 

Let's just say I cant wait to get back to the store to stock up on this product.  Sure beats having to make room for big cans of ravioli that barely feeds my family and take up so much cabinet space!
Definitely 4 out of 5 stars for me!!


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