A nice way to "whistle while you work " or workout for that matter

Hey, Readers!

How many of you love the old classic Disney movies? Ever been to Disneyland or Disneyworld? Did you leave singing one of the many Disney hits that we all grew up listening to?  Or that we still play for our little ones?

Do you whistle while you work? Do you use some of these old classics to work out to?..Do you sometimes play the old Disney classic songs to make the day go by faster?

I dont know how many of you hate turning on the tv just to have it as background noise, or to be a babysitter for our little ones...I know that describes me and many others that I know. 

Anyway, I digress...A new boxed set of Disney classics is being released as a box set...no not themovies that we all have already, but a boxed set of 90 movie songs like "whistle while you work" and many others...If you love all things Disney, this #DisneyClassicsBox set of 90+ songs is just for you! http://bit.ly/DCBoxSet

Preorder the #DisneyClassicsBox http://bit.ly/DCBoxSet & get a fab download from @alexgmusic7 & @PeterHollens!

I know this really made my day when I found out about it..If you dont want it for yourself, it will make a great Christmas present, especially since the holidays are right around the corner.

I know my little one is outside the Disney music tune age group, but I have caught him still humming a few of them without even realizing it...I know I do it.  My grandbaby would dearly love this...what about yours?

Why dont you go over and check them out?


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