product review

While shopping the pasta aisle, at my local Walmart, (as you saw in my last review) I found those mini dried ravioli..Well, I also found something else that ended up being a real go to treasure.  The product is put out by Gia Russa. These are a product of Italy, they are mini gnocchi with potato.  They feel like little erasers, not totally dried, just dried enough to be shelf stable. 

Add these little treasures to some salted, boiling water, and let simmer for ten minutes or so, and you have a fantastic dinner.  Serve with your favourite sauce and dust with some parmesan cheese.  I actually made these and served them with that pumpkin sauce/soup that I posted the recipe for a few days ago.  These were loved by everyone in my family, and I definitely plan to stock up on these when I go back to the store.  These little packages make storing easy, stackable, and easy to find on a shelf...

These are perfect for nights when you dont know what to make, or when you are out and about and dont feel like making a big meal, or if you are too sick to cook a big meal, your family can grab a package of these and some pasta sauce and they have a great meal without making you drag yourself out of bed to cook!

Or if you know a sick friend, and you want to make them a get well basket, grab a big jar of pasta sauce and some packages of these and those dried ravioli, and a container of parmesan....your sick friend will be forever greatful!


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