Monday, October 21, 2013

I am here, readers, I haven't forgotten you.  It is a little hard to concentrate with two sick boys at the house, hubby and jr were both sick over the weekend.  I cant believe the school is making them dress out in shorts and tshirts for PE outside, when the temps have been barely over 55 degrees for two full wonder Jr. feels like crap.  Poor baby could barely hold his head up on saturday, spent most of the day in bed.  But he sure had an appetite when it came to meal time, good thing I had made extra the night before. 

Is anyone having trouble with wisdom teeth? I think Jr's wisdom teeth are coming in, and he has been miserable for the past week...i hope he doesnt go thru the trouble I had, I had to have all four wisdom teeth and three molars pulled at the same time...I was in agony for a month while it all healed.

Oh well lots of tylenol and advil on hand.

I have lots of recipes and reviews to post for you all...let me get my head back on straight and will get them out to you all, ASAP.

Thanks for sticking with me

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