Well, readers,

I have a LOAD of new recipes for you, but give me just a little bit of time to go thru these to see which you would like the best...trust me, it will be worth the wait.  I have soups, desserts, crockpot, meats, and other goodies coming your way, that I have just tried from past and from recent days.  I am sure you will like them all...but let me get back to you tomorrow.  (Tuesday) I think I will start off with the recipes that I am planning to use for my son's birthday next week, here is a teaser, Gourmet pumpkin soup with spicy cranberry apple garnish, homemade tiramisu (and i do mean homemade...right down to the homemade kahlua, homemade ladyfingers and homemade mascarpone) yup, you guessed it, I can get downright creative!  I told you it would be worth the wait!


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