It is another week until the start of fall, but sitting here in the dark, you would think it was already here!  2am, with the door to my backyard open, I hear the torrential rainstorm and the constant dripping off the roof, and the whooshing sound of the water going down the drainpipe...nice and peaceful and quiet inside, just the cool air drifting in from outside, it is a cool 62 degrees, a lot more comfortable than the 100 + degree days we have been having thru the summer.

I am sitting here reading over last nights post on facebook and meetme and reading my email on aol...oh boy, my son is really dumbstruck over this new girl in his life.  I am not worried. He is almost 12 years old, and he has had more girlfriends than I care to even think about.  He has been so interested in girls all his life, that when he was 5 years old, in kindergarten, he went all around his school asking all the girls to marry him!!

But there was one girl, a beautiful child, with ebony black hair and pearl white skin, and eyes you could only dream of...that captured my son's heart.  They were in the same Kindergarten class, and they were together all thru first grade, inseperable. They spent time together at school and again after school, at her house.  Then, the heartbreaking news came that her and her family were being shipped off to another state, because of her father being in the military.  My son was heartbroken.  It was crazy. At that age, you think, it's nothing but puppy love...but this was different.  I mean, he wholeheartedly was head over heels for her.  He would bend over backwards for her and do anything she asked...They moved away during the summer after first grade.  My son was devastated all that summer and beyond... Their 1st grade teacher had received a letter from them, and in that letter, they shared their new address, wanting her to give the address to her friends...sadly that day never came. the teacher lost the letter and address, therein, over that summer...My son was inconsolable.  I contacted the teacher many times, hoping she would find that letter, but she never did, somehow, I don't think she felt it was important, I really don't think she even tried to find it.  I even searched facebook and all over the internet, with no luck at all.

Maybe, someday, she will turn up.  My son is 12 years old now, and still thinks about her often, still sheds a tear on occasion when we talk about her.  Puppy love? I don't think goes way deeper than that.  But he is moving on with his life.  He has a new girl that he has his eyes on now.  Also in 7th grade with him.  I haven't met her yet, but how odd that she has dark hair and he has fallen madly in love with her. 

I got on Facebook this morning, and all I saw were posts from my son, all about how he has fallen for this dark haired girl, and how madly in love he is over her, and how he hopes she will accept him.  I won't lie, and I am not just saying this because I am his mother and I am biased...but he is a cute little boy, with a wonderful sense of humour, a smile that would brighten the darkest room, and he could make the girls melt with just a look...( no wonder he had 16 girls falling all over him last year).  He is a little overweight, but he is working on that, we work out together, we swim, bicycle, walk together, etc.  I am sure I will hear more about this girl that is just beyond his reach right now? Will she become his conquest or just another dream?  Stay tuned readers, I will post more on the development as this story progresses.....


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