Junior had a great bday, this past week.  We have been celebrating since last thursday, when I prepared his favourite meal of Fall Harvest Soup and Tiramisu.  My only personal income comes from doing surveys and reviews for different companies, so I had built up $30 on my paypal, and I sat with him at the computer and told him that we could go shopping on ebay for whatever he wanted, using my paypal money.  That way I could get him some real nice things.  So, he got two wrestling figures he had been wanting, and he got two wrestlers dog tags, (one of which he knew I wanted and he got for me LOL).  Yup, we are a family of wrestling and racing fans. 

Friday after school we picked Junior up from school and we all went out to Sushi King for dinner, where our friends there, all celebrated his bday by bringing him a wonderful delicate ice cream dessert topped with whipped cream.  We had a wonderful dinner of some fantastic sushi, and a great salad that was brought to us, made by our dear friends there...THANK YOU ALL, IF YOU ARE READING THIS!!

After dinner, we went over to the theatre and watched "RUSH", the new racing film by Ron Howard, it was AWESOME!!  The movie was supposed to be in motion action seating in a special theatre inside the the regular theatre, well the seating didnt work so we didnt get to experience it that way, which was sad, I wanted Jr to be able to experience it but maybe they will get the seating fixed...Either way, the movie was spectacular, it is about the life and rivalry of Niki Lauda and James Hunt, and the near fatal crash of Niki Lauda in 1976. 

If you are a fan of racing, especially F1, this is a great movie for you...a definite must see.  Upon coming home from the movie, I delved into some online investigation of Niki Lauda and James Hunt.  I found a very recent interview with Niki Lauda on YOUTUBE, and was so happy to hear that he is alive and well and that he (Niki Lauda) helped with the screenplay of this movie, and upon its completion, he said the movie was fantastic and very well done. That Ron Howard did not "hollywoodize" the movie, and that it was very accurate, and that he and James Hunt were very accurately portrayed in the movie.  That made it even more worthwhile.  I only have one negative thing to say, and that is that Ron Howard did not need to put the graphic sexual scenes in the movie...they did not contribute to the movie in any way, and could have been cut from the film without losing any of the fantastic storyline and footage.  I do think that they could have included the fact that Lauda and Hunt had been roommates early on in their careers, which was left out of the movie.

Anyway, I was going to post another recipe here for you, but the recipe didnt work, so will have to tweak it and make it work before I post it, I will, in fact, post more recipes later tonight.

Have a great day, y'all!


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