It was a typical lazy Sunday morning, everyone was up and ready to face the day. Phillip and I were reading the Sunday paper and Jr was reading the sales ads (as he always does)  and mom was reading the funnies.  .  r got all excited about something he found in an ad, so he brought it over to me. Well, being as my son and I spend a lot of time in the itchen together, eh knows the thins i want and need.  Well he was reading the Kohl's ad and saw several of the items I had said I needed for the kitchen  So Jr rousted his daddy and we all headed off  to Kohl's in Santee, CA.  I am glad we did!  I had never been to a Kohl's store before, I had always thought they were out of my price range and just too upscale for my taste. (kind of like the way Mervyn's, Macy's and JCPenney's were).  But i have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.The store was neat, clean, well stocked and organized.  The prices were very reasonable.  The inventory was fantastic.  They had items I would never have  thought  a department store would have.  I thought I was going to have to go to a specialty kitchen shop, but I was wrong.  It was all right there at Kohl's!  I had just broken my Belgian waffle iron, nd they ad a new one, top of the line, name brand, and it was cheaper than the one I had bought before!  I also found a cuisineart griddler...fantastic product at an awesome sale price.  It was half the price I had seen it advertised anywhere else. needless to say, I know where I am going to start doing my kitchen gadget shopping!

Kohl's Department Store
9412 Mission Gorge Road
Santee, California 92071
(619) 258-1016


  1. Do they have one close to you in New Mexico?

  2. they have kohl's everywhere, but now that i am not working, and dont have a personal income, i cant afford to shop like i used to. I just have to make due. but i do have some goodies at the top of my list that i really want, but they will just have to wait till christmas and/or my bday lol


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