For many years I have been trying to find my father.  All thru my young life, my mother gave me false information about  my real father, even to the point of lying on my birth certificate.  I did not find out till much later that my father was in fact still live.  Of course she claimed she didnt know where he was.  I took it upon myself to find him.  I had tried everything, all kinds of online searches, libraries and various other resources available to the public.  I could not find anything.  One day, I happened to be watching Maury Povitch or one of those daytime talk shows that had a segment on people looking for lost loves, parents,siblings, e tc.  At the end of the show, an ad played for 800 us search.  So I took down the info and called them.  I figured I didnt have anything to lose as I had already tried everything else.  Big mistake.  I gave them all the information I had which wasnt much, but they claimed they have been dead on with  far less information.  So they told me to send them $100, gave them loads of information and their search began.  About a month or so later, I get  some correspondence from them (boy was i excited).  I was finally going to be like those people on tv that finally get to meet up with the missing part of their lives...boy was i wrong.   What I ended up with was not a simple name and address for my father, it was a computer printout of hundreds of people's names and addresses. Some of which were not even male.  They did nothing for me that I could not have done for myslf  FREE OF CHARGE.  They claim if they can't get results for you the service is free, but what they don't tell you is that they will give you every name and address possible some that are not even close to what you gave them to begin with, and in doing so that is their way of giving you results and their way of getting out of giving you your money back.  You end up screwed in the end, with nothing to show for it.  Don't waste your time on this company.  You are better off doing your own searches, there are so many resources out there to use, don't pay someone else to do what you can do yourself.

800 US Search
600 Corporte Pointe, Suite 220
Culver City, CA  90230
(310) 302-6300


  1. no kidding...and i wasnt making that much money to begin with, so that really hurt my pocketbook


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