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Those of you who have known me for any length of time, know that I have been a City editor on Judy's Book for many years.  Posting reviews of businesses, services, products, etc.  Well, I sort of went MIA over there when things were going downhill, but now that the new management has asked my help to get things back up and running as good as it used to be, I will be getting more active over there again, in time.  But I thought that some of you might find my old reviews helpful.  They don't benefit me too much anymore, since my family and I have moved from the areas that I reviewed, but if I can help even one person make an educated decision about buying or using the services of certain companies, then I feel I have done a great service.  And I want to help as many people as I can in this lifetime, either in person or thru this simple blog.  So, over the next few days (when I am not coming up with recipes to post here, I will post other items of possible interest such as these old reviews, magazine articles, book reviews, product reviews, business reviews and such.   Also, I am very big into crafting.  If you know me from Facebook, I am sure you have seen my artsy fartsy folder filled with pics of crafts that I have completed.  I never thought much about my crafts, but I guess they must be popular as I have just made my first sale!!  Yup, I'm happy lol.  Let me know what you think, like I told you all before, this is YOUR blog as much as it is MINE and I need ideas.  What do you want to see here? Would you like me to post my craft pictures here? Family pictures? If you see a craft picture that you really like, and would like to purchase the item, maybe we can talk about it and make arrangements, but no guarantees.  I am trying new things all the time, and if you have ideas for crafts you would like to see made, tell me and we will talk about it.  I am great at  negotiating lol.  I do basic knitting, one photo you will see is of an afghan blanket I made in a camoflage design, really cute on a sofa and warm enough to wrap up in to sit and watch television on a cold night.  I am also now into making scarves, different types, functional ones to wrap your throat/neck/face in when you need to go out in the snow, or fashionista ones that just look cute with your dress ware.  Any colour combo you can think of, and in memoriam of Dale Earnhardt's death, I have one in the works that is black, red and white.  Do you have a fave sports team?  Fave colour combo?  I am open if you are interested in buying them.  So that is a preview of what you may see heading here to my blog.

I also have been contacting companies to see if they would like a little free publicity in return for reviewing their products.  And yes, that idea was very warmly received, so I am looking forward to doing this as well...and of course you will still get to see all my recipes as I try them, such as tomorrow you may see a recipe for candied bacon cookies...sound weird?  Well, I guess we will find out together how weird or fantastic these cookies really are when I make them tomorrow. 

Ok, thats enough of a head's up, I dont want to give away all my surprises....don't forget to email me or drop me a line here if you have ideas and thoughts....


  1. Candied Bacon Cookies!?!

    That sounds yummy to me. We have this great place in Anderson where they have their regular assortment of cookies, plus one (and, occasionally two) Cookie(s) Of The Month which are out-of-the-ordinary!

    When you write down your recipe, I'll share it with Judy Zinszer and crew!


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