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Are you looking for an old family recipe that may have become lost over the years, or are at a loss for what to make for a special occasion, dinner, snack, party or whatever?  Drop me a line here. I help people all the time, find the really hard to find recipes, international, local, or whatever.  From the mundane to the unique.  Do you have questions about recipes?  Questions about ingredients and such? Dont hesitate to ask, I will do whatever I can to answer your question, and help you.  I love a good challenge.  I collect cookbooks, I have file cabinets filled with recipes, both new and tried and true recipes.  I have many websites that I go to if I need particular information.  I am here for you, this is YOUR blog just as much as it is MINE.  That is why I am also offering up space on my blog to review products for companies that may want to put out the word about a new product or service they may be offering.  So come follow me on my daily adventures in life....


  1. I'll share this entry at FB and Twitter! Of course, your entire blog will be getting a permanent button at my newest blog the next time I add to it!

  2. ainsley you are awesome, i couldnt ask for a better friend....

  3. Thanks! I think that you're an awesome friend, too!


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