Ahhhh October!

Fall has begun, my favourite time of year!  I love all the pumpkin, apple and squash recipes that are coming out.  Be forewarned, my recipes are coming ...One of my recipes has become a true family favourite.  My pumpkin soup with cranberry apple salsa ...it gets better every year, and is requested for a birthday dinner, by my son.  Yup, my son could ask for anything he wants on his bday, and all he wants is that soup!!  I will definitely post the recipe here, so that you can make it for your family, and I have so many other recipes I am working on for you..

If there are recipes you are missing and you are looking to rediscover, let me know and I will find them.  If you have a recipe that is not so healthy and you are leading a healthy lifestyle, let me see the recipe and I will re work it and give you a healthier version...rest assured you wont lose any flavour...

Later today I will be starting to post these recipes, I will be posting a recipe for my version of tandoori/curried chicken and a few new and different devilled eggs...keep your eyes out for them tonight.


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