Review: Beanilla

As you all know, saying I love to cook and bake would probably be the understatement of the century.  I am always trying new things, and then passing on the recipes to you.  I didnt learn to cook and bake the conventional way, being as my mom mainly made everything from a box instead of from scratch, and if she ever used vanilla, it was that crappy stuff you get for 99cents at your local mega mart grocery store. 

I never knew about REAL vanilla extracts and vanilla beans until Food Network came along, and i got to learn how to cook and bake from the stars on that station...It was there that I learned about the joys of REAL vanilla and vanilla beans.  The bad thing was, after going to the store, I found that the real stuff was really cost prohibitive, so i never got to try the  products, and had to continue using the artificial stuff.  I thought that the fake stuff was awesome in, was I ever wrong!!

I had read some blogs and heard from friends, about Beanilla , and I hopped over to their facebook page and their website.  I couldn't believe how many great things they carried...I am going to tell you about some of their fantastic products...and away we go!

I tried a generous 4 oz bottle of their Madagascar vanilla extract let me tell you, it smelled like heaven in a bottle!! (and tasted divine in all my desserts and even in savory dishes!) Yes, I will post the  recipes I tried, using this fantastic product, at a later time.  It is a unique, robust, full flavoured extract that works fantastic in everything from a delicate vanilla souffle or a decadent creme brulee right down to a rustic chocolate chip cookie!

I had the ultimate pleasure of trying their fresh vanilla bean pods .  I never imagined I would ever get to try such a luxury product such as these, nor did I ever imagine that there were different kinds of vanilla beans, and that they were so very different!  I tried their Madagascar vanilla beans and also their Ugandan vanilla be honest it is so very hard to pick which one i like better! I tried both of them, and to be honest I think I like the Ugandan just a slight bit more than the Madagascar.  It has a fuller bolder more aromatic scent and flavour, so I used this in a rich savory dish that I made, it was truly fantastic.  I took one of the Madagascar beans, and split it in half and then cut them in half again, crosswise, and put it in a container of white granulated sugar, and you have not had luxury until you make your own vanilla sugar.  And from this vanilla sugar, I created a vanilla scented facial scrub and it is fantastic in tea, coffee, on top of creme brulee, you name it, the possibilities are endless!

I cant wait to try more of their products! And this company is not just limited to vanilla, they have so very much more than may take me a lifetime to try every one of their products but it would be worth the wait!

There are more products than I could ever even imagine on this site!  Everything from extracts to saffron and everything in between.  And not only are the products fantastic, so are the people!  I have had the ultimate pleasure of contacting and dealing with a wonderful customer rep by the name of Natalie Winquist, she has made my Beanilla experience into a real dream come true!  I cannot say enough fantastic things about this site, the people and the products ....I hope I can do more reviews on their products. My family and friends are definitely reaping the rewards of me trying out these products lol!


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